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Young Models can start at Age 13

There is no doubt that becoming a model is an extremely profitable career and it is no wonder that a lot of people work really hard to become a model. The modeling industry is a very exciting and glamorous one. But then becoming a model is not roses all the way. It can be a very grueling and challenging business. But those who start early have an advantage especially the young models who start at the early age of 13 or perhaps even earlier.

Young models who start at 13 have a much longer time to learn the ropes and master them, build an image for themselves and make it big in the modeling industry. Most models are at their best in their early 20s or mid 20s and so if they start at 13, there is an ample amount of time for them to grow in their career. It is also the right age to know about the girl’s prospective height and weight. Besides, there are plenty of modeling opportunities available for teen models starting at 13. Their childlike faces are still innocent and are very much sought after.

Young models who want to start at age 13 are required to work hard but then it is all worth it in the long run. The first thing she needs to do is take her current measurement as she will still be growing. The normal height that is acceptable for a female model is 5 feet seven inches and above but it doesn’t really matter if you don’t meet this height at age 13. Then note down your bust, hip, shoe and dress size and make sure your measurements are accurate. The modeling agencies know that you will continue to grow but will use these measurements to determine your future growth.

Next, the young models need to have plenty of pictures taken. They can be taken by your friends and family but they should show your face and body clearly. There is no need of taking professional shots just yet since the modeling agents know what they are looking for. Don’t use makeup in the pictures but take lots of pictures and then select those that you look really good in. Next you can look for an agent.

The parents of the child models normally go from one place to another visiting various modeling agents. Very often, one has to book appointments or stand in a long queue. Or perhaps you might have the option of mailing in your photographs and details. Whatever you decide to do make sure that the agent you select for your child is an authentic one and not a fraudster. Young models should make sure that they stay fit and don’t gain too much weight. They might often be rejected but have to learn to accept it and hard work will soon get them to the top.

So if you are looking for a good modeling agency, check out the stuff that is expected from aspiring young models right here!