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Why Join The Medicare Program For “EHR Meaningful Use” Of Software?

By the end of 2014, medical professionals will run out of time to participate in the Medicare EHR incentive program, which requires that they demonstrate “EHR Meaningful Use” of technology. This program was developed and approved in the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, passed by Congress. The act authorizes the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, CMS, to give doctors certain incentives for making changes to how they practice medicine. Eligible medical professionals have between 2011 to 2016 to take advantage of this particular program that can potentially provide incentives in total of $44,000 for demonstrating meaningful use of EHR Software.

What’s required to get these incentives on top of their payments from Medicare and Medicaid for claims? The program requires doctors to make meaningful use of Electronic Health records, EHR, and display that to the CMS. Proper use of the new software that is available to medical professionals will not only improve the competence and quality of care, it will also make it easier for doctors and nurses to do their job.

The CMS has five purposes in instituting these incentives for “EHR Meaningful Use”. The CMS would like to improve the quality of care and efficiency of a medical treatments that doctors give to patients. They also need to make patients and their relatives more active participants in their own treatment. Promoting community and population health care is another milestone. The CMS also wants to focus on improving coordination of patient care and management. The last goal is improving and promoting the privacy and security of EHR Software & Technology.

As a result of the new incentive program, lots of software companies are creating EHR software designed to show meaningful use of technology. There are many features that doctors can try out in this new software, cloud databases and templates improved revenue cycle management and even paperless ePrescriptions. Doctors are really starting to take advantage of the cloud database software that allows them to access it from anywhere in the hospital with Internet connection. This makes it simple for doctors and nurses in a busy hospital too take a mobile device with them when visiting patients.

Eligible medical professionals only have a couple of years left to take advantage of the incentives program. If you move you can get into the program and take advantage of it by 2014. Doctors can find that the EHR Software really helps them improve the efficiency and quality of care that they provide. Making the change to new EHR Software through the meaningful use program will allow doctors and hospitals to dramatically improve their patients experience.

If you need more insight on this matter, feel free to click on EHR Meaningful use or web based EMR software. Special greetings to Rojan J. Montano for all the help in the approval of this Article.