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Squidoo: 3 Key Approaches To Affiliate Marketing On Squidoo

There are three key approaches to Squidoo Affiliate Marketing that I call (1) the Squidoo Campaign Method, (2) the Squidoo Turnover Method and (3) the Squidoo Authority Site Method. While two or more of these approaches can be pursued together, typically a Squidoo affiliate marketer will focus on one of them in the first instance. I discuss each of the approaches in turn in this article.

1. Squidoo Affiliate Marketing: the Campaign Method

The fundamental approach here is to launch a series of campaigns around high selling affiliate products (e.g. Clickbank e-Books). Each campaign involves a number of Squidoo lenses focusing on a single product and supported by article marketing and other affiliate marketing strategies.

Some of the tactics entailed in this method may seem counter-intuitive for Squidoo marketers but they have proven very effective for a number of Squidoo lensmasters who make a substantial income from the Campaign Method.

The Squidoo Campaign Method involves a very specific approach to Squidoo lens design and to article marketing, all aimed at increasing exposure to organic search.

2. Squidoo Affiliate Marketing: the Turnover Method

The Squidoo Turnover Method involves creating as many lenses as you can, focused on diverse products that are selling well. So people who adopt this approach will have from 200 to 1,000 (or more) lenses, each focusing on different affiliate products or services. The basic idea here is that $10 revenue per lens per month multiplied by the number of lenses leads to a substantial income. So if you have 300 lenses earning on average of $10 per month each, you will earn $3,000 per month.

This requires you to create a very large number of lenses and to keep innovating to make each lens an effective selling platform. There will be some common elements to the lenses to facilitate sales but the lens design needs to reflect the nature of the product or service.

One of the challenges of this approach is that it lacks the critical mass of lenses and exposure that can be achieved with the Squidoo Campaign Method which involves a number of lenses focused on the same product.

However, there are a number of Squidoo lensmasters who are using this approach very effectively to earn a significant affiliate income through Squidoo. They tend to develop their own signature design over time to make it easy for them to create multiple lenses.

3. Squidoo Affiliate Marketing: the Authority Site Method

The Squidoo Authority Site Method is characterized by depth and breadth of coverage of a particular topic or issue. The basic principle here is that as you demonstrate your expertise, people will come to you – a form of magnetic marketing. This approach encapsulates the Law of Attraction.

Squidoo Authority Sites are consistent with the “pull marketing” approach whereas both the “Campaign Method” and “Turnover Method” are basically “push marketing” strategies.

Building an authority site on Squidoo is very different from the other two methods. Here you are not trying to “trap” the reader into staying on your site but encouraging them to explore other sites through the links on your lens. Your primary focus is on a single site (even though this may be supported by other related sites). In consequence, your marketing efforts will differ in intensity and focus as you set about establishing your expert profile on the Internet.

The possibility of adopting three different affiliate marketing approaches on Squidoo shows the flexibility and diversity of this platform. I recommend that you adopt one of these methods in the first instance. Then, when you have mastered one of the Squidoo affiliate marketing methods, move on to another method.

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