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Local and Long Distance Phone Service, Call Long Distance

Local and long distance phone service rates can’t hold a candle to CallDirek’s rates. We have the superior advantage of VoIP technology. This connects your local and long distance calls via the internet, so the cost to you is substantially lower.

When was the last time a local or long distance service provider offered a long distance rate for 5 cents per minute? For that, you will have to turn back time to the early 1990’s when Sprint came out with it. Then they upped it to a dime. Now, who knows? Certainly they were the most competitive back then, but try to get a quote on a long distance rate from even a local landline utility provider. It definitely won’t cost you as little as a dime anymore.

At CallDirek, we offer many prepaid long distance options. You can get a pinless long distance phone card from us with rates as low as 1(one) cent per minute to overseas destinations. There are lots more that will cost you only 2 cents, 3 cents or 4 cents per minute. How’s that for an incredible long distance rate? Not enough? Well, our CallDirek VoIP Basic Service Plan gives you 500 FREE on-Net minutes to use locally and for long distance phone numbers.

If you prefer to use phone cards, you won’t need to stand in line to buy a phone card from us, and you won’t need to go somewhere to get a refill. You just register one time with us at (or call us), and you’ll be able to use the card from any registered phone. The same great per minute rates apply across the board no matter what option you choose with us. You can set it up to be automatically refilled as well, or if you don’t want to do that, just give us a call to refill it. There are no access fees or fees of any type. The time you paid for is the time you’ll get (unlike traditional phone cards). Our rates are extremely low, lower than any traditional phone company, whether landline, cell phone service, or traditional phone card.

How about a long distance telephone company that offers you a $22.99 per month local and long distance plan? Yes, with CallDirek, you can call long distance unlimited from a landline, cell phone or even from your PC for under 23 bucks per month. Our Virtual Phone option means that your overseas or long distance contacts can all you as if they were dialing a local number. It sounds too good to be true, but it is.

That is the beauty of VoIP service and the great rates we offer here at CallDirek. The savings we enjoy from operating an internet based long distance telephone company are passed on to you. Call Germany for 1 cent per minute, or India and Australia for 2 cents. Our no contract plans feature low monthly payments, and we have convenient, prepaid cheap calling cards. You can even download our software to make your notebook or home PC into a phone. We have easy to understand monthly bills and all the service features of a regular phone company available to you. Pay us a visit at

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