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Know The Reasons That Make It Illegal To Download Songs From Unauthorized Websites

Why do we download songs when the same music is sold in the nearest music stores? Well, who would go and purchase music from the store when it can be found on the net for free? Well, that has got its flip side too. We all know that music piracy is bad but what we do not realize is that when we download songs from illegal websites, we indulge in a kind of piracy.

It is illegal to download songs for the following reasons. Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) declares that you are a law breaker if you do not buy music from the authorized source. Having a copyright means the creator has the exclusive right to copy or distribute his or her music. It does not allow the audience to make copies of his or her work of art.

We often have this wrong idea that it is legal to download songs if they are paid for. But it is all the same, whether you get it free of cost or pay for it. A number of people make a living out of music. Most of them earn from royalties. So, when you download their music from the net, instead of buying it from them, they endure a loss both in terms of personal income and business. This makes the music companies endure a loss, thereby affecting the subsequent projects. The worst part is that their music gets popularity, but the sites that charge money for downloads are the only gainers.

However, we should know that along with harming the musicians, these downloads harm the downloaders also. When we need to download songs, we simply visit new sites without knowing the ill effects on our own computer. It is exposed to viruses that infect our computer and all the informationstored in it. The best way to avoid these problems is to purchase music from stores or legal downloading sites that can be found all over the web.

Getting old or less popular ones might be a real problem. We can still do it, in order to save music, although it may seem a little tougher in comparison to music downloads. In this process, the music industry will be secure and done justice to.

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