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I Have Been Very Pleased With The Web Based Electronic Medical Records Software That We Have Been Using In Our Office!

As an employee in the medical field, I have become a great supporter for the new web based Electronic Medical Records software, as it has been a great boon to our industry. I’ve worked as a nurse at the same clinic for seventeen years, and it’s difficult to believe how much easier things are now, than how they used to be. Back in the old days, if a doctor was out of the office and needed to see a patient’s records, we would have to locate the file and fax it to him, which was extremely inconvenient.

Now though, I am able to simply send patient records right to the doctor’s Ipad, where he can see it and make updates, and go on his way just like that. Just lately this came up when one of our doctors was out on a house call when one of his other patients came to the clinic needing some immediate attention.

We called the doctor right away, but he was not able to get back to the clinic soon enough, and he needed to see her health records before he could tell us what we should do. All I had to do then, was to just send him the electronic records and he read over them, scribbled some notes letting us know what the patient needed, and sent them right back to us. I could then use the notes from the doctor to help this patient with what they needed very quickly and competently, and the patient left feeling very satisfied.

This system also makes things easy in just standard interactions around the clinic. The doctors can use their tablet computers during their appointments, being able to access the web based EHR software which contains all the patient’s medical history and information the doctor needs, and he is then able to add to it and update it throughout the appointment. This method is a huge time saver for everyone, and allows the nurses to spend their time with patients, rather than updating the patient’s files with the notes the doctor made.

This is also useful for patients who like to access some of their own information online. Following a patient’s appointment their information will be updated, allowing them to view it online. This can help them to remember what the doctor could have told them or understand a little more about their condition. Web based Electronic Medical Records Software is a fantastic tool for making medical work better and more efficient for any of those who work, as I do, in the medical field. I love my job, and I especially love that technology has made everything so much better for myself and my coworkers, and those who work in similar jobs around the world.

A lot of interesting stuff is available to everyone at electronic medical records software and web based EHR. Just want to extend my gratitude to Franky U. Lewis for all the help in the fulfillment of the subject.