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How to clone DVD with DVDFab DVD Copy?

You might have heard about many DVD burners, but DVDFab is the latest, powerful, and handy DVD cloner which allows you to burn/ copy/clone any DVD of your choice and that too with or without protections. This software enables you to clone DVD without any hassle. The cloning process is very easy and comes with high quality as well as fast speed. Through our DVDFab software you can make 1:1 exact bit-to-bit DVD clones which is perfect for dual layer DVD clone (PS2 data DVD). Make your burning process easier than you have ever expected, only with DVDFab.

If you really want to skip the unwanted steps of DVD copying then DVDFab is the right software which can decrease your button clicking. This DVD Cloner is planned in such a way that it can meet everyone’s need and very special for every user. Let’s know the steps to make clone DVD using DVDFab.

Step 1: – Install DVDFab, open it and go to DVD Copy. The option “Clone” mode of DVD Copy should be there in the left window of the home interface.

Step 2: – Insert your DVD disc to which you want to clone; open the DVD source and specify the section code of the DVD. You need to wait a couple of seconds to lead the loading option on DVDFab.

Step 3: – Once the program is done with the load option to the DVD, you can do some common settings by the button indicating the green button amid a white check.

You can choose your preferred output directory from the left navigation bar found on Common Settings window. Choose your desired burning engine, and then set the write type as well as write speed under the DVD/Blu-ray option. To specify your default output type and output size, go to “DVD copy” option. After you are done with common settings, then click the “OK” button to return to the option of main interface.

Step 4: – The fourth option is to choose the clone mode. While you are at main interface, you can see observe that there are two options for clone. First one is “Copy DVD-Video Data Only” & the second one is “Copy Original IFO Files.” These two mode contain different functionality and to know the exact details visit

Step 5: – Select your target such as DVD burner as your target. Now everything is done, you need to click “Start” button to start the ripping process and then insert a blank disc when you’re prompted to do so, although DVDFab will rip DVD content automatically in the background. The ripping time may need around 15-20 minutes depending upon the size(MB) of the disk.

Step 6: – You can also save your file as ISO format on your hard disk, and later on, whenever you need you can clone or burn them to a blank disk. But in the general process, once you are done with the ripping process, soon after a pop-up window will appear on your screen showing “insert a blank disc to start the writing process.” Insert a blank disk and keep watching until the burning process is over. Finally click FINISH to end or burn a new disk.

This dvd cloner is planned in such a way that it can meet everyone’s need and very special for every user. For more informations please visit our clone dvd website.