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High Bay Lighting Bulbs Analyzed

High bay lighting is necessary in a variety of facilities and can be found in lots of different styles. For example, gas stations typically use these powerful lamps to illuminate their pumps and parking lots during the evening hours. Since lighting is quite necessary in manufacturing plants and factories, you can usually find these lights hanging there as well, ensuring that all employees are able to clearly see what they are doing. Despite the fact that metal halide lamps running at 400 watts are quite popular amongst the facilities using large bay lights, they are far from the only option; one new style of light that is gaining popularity is the compact fluorescent. If you are curious about the benefits of these lights or are pondering changing out your old lighting system, consider the benefits detailed below to help you make your decision.

Even though metal halide lights have come to be the traditional option for many businesses, there are now many other options on the market for interior and exterior lighting. Their main problem is that they do not last very long; studies show that after being used for 10 months they have reduced light production by 40%. Even though they still produce a diminished amount of light, it tends to be of an inferior, less natural color so it is not ideal.

Compact fluorescent high bay lights are very distinct because they are designed to last for years, not just months, at near maximum capacity. Think about one factor that denotes the considerable difference between compact fluorescents and metal halides: the quality of the light produced. Metal halides lose light quality and get to be quite dim after just one year of sustained use; compact fluorescents last much longer, with many designed for 20,000 hours or more of use.

Somefolks are worried that high bay lighting made with compact fluorescent bulbs will not produce a natural looking light and will feel harsh. If you are concerned about this, be certain to choose a bulb that is rated at daylight quality light; that means it will accurately mimic the look and feel of the sun’s light. Warmer light is also available in compact fluorescents from lower wattage lamps that produce a more intimate and yellow light.

Buying high bay lights made with compact fluorescent bulbs is a smart investment in your business. Instead of rushing out to buy new lights, however, make sure you carefully consider your options before investing in these lamps.

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