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EHR Meaningful Use Requirement Defined As Part Of The Requirements For Stimulus Eligibility

There are important reasons why EHR meaningful use was formulated as a condition for medical practices to be eligible for the electronic record stimulus incentive program. The use of certified EHR technology helps improve the quality and safety of the practice, and additionally increases efficiency. Care coordination is improved and health disparities are reduced as demonstrated by this use. It has been proven that patients and their families have increased engagement in their health care. General public health of the population is improved as a result. Privacy and security are maintained across all areas while this is being carried out. The ease of use for physicians in the clinical setting is an important factor necessary to qualify for electronic health record stimulus incentives.

Implementing electronic health record software can easily improve the workflow and profitability of your practice. A paperless office is an additional benefit of using this technology. EHR has shown many benefits including increasing the quality of care, improving office productivity, elevates patient satisfaction, facilitates adherence to compliance guidelines, supports data information exchange within the continuum of care and has capabilities of capturing more revenue. You can focus more on patient care when you use electronic health record software to improve your existing work flow to help build an environment that will promote financial, administrative and clinical productivity.

Access to patient records is permitted on role based security access for authorized health care professionals to assure their privacy and security. The definitive responsibility for each patient determines the different access privileges that are allowed. Added security features include tracking and capture of user activity revealing who has accessed or changed the patient data, supplying an audit trail. Automatic regular off-site data backups guarantee the information is always safely protected.

An additional benefit of implementing electronic health records is revenue cycle management. Economic growth can also be experienced by the practice through the economic stimulus incentive. The use of a pairing of electronic health records software with practice management systems will produce additional revenue capture through improved claims acceptance rates. The stimulus reimbursement received from the Electronic Health Records Meaningful Use compared to the revenue gain is often exceeded. By lowering claims rejections to less than five percent, the annual cost of Electronic Health Records software when used in combination with Practice Management software can be recouped within three months of implementing the software in an average practice.

This is a result of the software company’s vast involvement with the claims system. They comprehend the environment through the volume of claims handled through their system in various practice specialties. The software is continuously adjusted to adapt to payer rule changes. Incentives of up to $44,000 for Medicare Eligible Physicians and $63,750 for Medicaid Eligible Professionals implementing electronic health records will definitely increase your financial growth together with the claims processing improvement you will experience.

A lot of great stuff is available to anybody at EHR Meaningful use or medical records software. Full appreciation to Douglas S. Burka for the help on finishing this article.