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Business Planning – The Key Factor To Consider

Starting and existing enterprise requires a well formulated business planning in order to grow and develop. Formulating a strategic plan requires one to conduct a serious research on area of interest. The firm owner is the most appropriate person to develop a business plan. When formulating one there are key areas to include such as location and products to deal with. It is necessary to write down a plan before starting any business whether small or large.

The premises location is the starting point. One needs to know where the organization shall be located. The location should be very strategic to meet the target group. A good location depends on various factors. A strategic location is one which has a high population, few competitors and of course with a good security.

Enterprises either provide people with products or services. It is important to outline what the enterprise shall offer. The owner should have a better understanding of the products or services offered by the organization. Understanding the product and services enables one know the target market. When deciding the kind of product to produce one should carry out a feasibility study. The products should be regally accepted and healthy for consumption.

Production methods and means should be well researched. Each firm is aimed at making profit. Planning minimizes resource and time wastage. One can look at methods used by the competitors and try to improve them. It is important to make estimates of the products processed per day and cost to be incurred. The process of production should be well outlined stage by stage. It is also important to list down the required materials in the whole process of production.

The budget should be standard showing both the projected revenue and expense for the year. A good budget is able to attract funding from outside source. The projected expenses should always be less than expected revenue otherwise the business will fail. The main source of revenue to include in the budget is sales and loans. Expenses should be well explained including salaries, production cost and general expenses.

Picking the right person for the right job is the first step towards the growth an organization. Working with professionals yields better results. The number of employees should be determined by the work load in the organization. The duties should be divided according to individual qualifications and experience. The duties and responsibilities of each employee should be listed and well explained.

While planning one needs also to understand about their competitors. If the competitors are successful find out why. Note down the production methods, marketing strategies and methods of production that your competitors use. List ways that can help defeat the competitors. Note down the mistakes made by the competitors to avoid repeating their mistakes.

A business planning should be updated regularly. It acts as a communication tool which keeps the owner focused and motivated. Each organization big or small should always draft a good plan in order to succeed. A strategic plan should be objective, critical and objective.

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