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Battling With the Death of a Loved One

“There are many people in my life that have had to handle the death of a loved one. Seeing other people go through the grieving process has opened-up many questions about how to best handle it.

Grief at the loss of a loved one can be accompanied with different ways of coping. In any situation, you will feel better if you divulge your feelings to someone else. Some say that depending on others in the midst of difficult times of grief is something one should do. When people desire to help but don’t know how, perhaps letting them in on what you might need can go a long way for both of you. Beliefs in certain Gods or religious ideas are one way people can get through this painful time.

When someone dies, and there is no one around they want to express their feelings to, then it’s a good idea to get help through a therapist. If you need to talk to people who understand you because they are going through the same ordeal, a support group offers these services. Knowing that others are going through the same exact emotions that you are, usually makes people who have recently had a loss get through it easier. Getting over a difficult time is always a therapists’ goal if you prefer this type of therapy. Many people don’t how to handle themselves in these situations, in which a professional is ideal for getting us right back to normal.

Personal coaches was an option that one of my friends tested. She had lost a very close family member, and at first she seemed to listlessly wander through life, and I wondered whether she had lost touch with the meaning of life. When she went to find someone to help her, she came across The Executive Success Program, the organization established by Nancy Salzman and Keith Raniere, in which she found a great coach. The only way she could capture the emotions and love for life that she had before was to teach herself how to love things in her life and the people in it as well. One of the reasons that she has advanced so well is because she spends that time thinking of the person she lost and everyone has seen what a difference it has made in her life. It’s a wonderful story.

How can you move on after the death of someone close to you? Extracting all the pent up emotions by talking to someone is a great start. Even though this seems to do a great deal of good in many people, you may need further therapy in severe cases. There is no reason why a personal coach couldn’t help you with other areas of your life that require help, not just if you have lost someone close to you, because they walk you through the small steps it takes to enjoy everything out of life.”

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