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3 Tips For Your Internet Marketing Sales Funnel Plan

One of the most forgotten steps in creating a new internet marketing online business is the planning phase. Creating a business plan is very important when creating your internet marketing business. By the way, planning is often overlooked by the veteran marketers also.

Early on you should use your time in mapping out how your content, products, services and marketing efforts are going to work together to insure that your internet
marketing efforts will produce income.

Here are some tips that will help your get started on the right food and insure that you create a sales funnel plan that will bring profits to your business.

1. Obtain or develop high quality products.

This is very important for the beginning and the future of your internet business.

Quality products are key whether it is a freebie your are giving away or the largest ticket item that you have in your inventory. Quality products will help you build a positive reputation for your affiliate internet business online.

And providing quality products should continue with all of your future business activities with your customers. They should be able to consider and know that you will keep treating them better and better as you continue to build your business.

2. Create your line of products.

What is a sales funnel? It’s basically offering your customers a constant line of quality products that are increasing in value and likely in price.

Your customers will probably enter your sales funnel at different places. But, the most common place will likely be by taking advantage of some free product that you are giving away. The will generally do this by opting into your list on your squeeze page.

However, some may purchase one of your products without ever seeing your free offer. In either case you want them to continue to fall through your sales funnel and buy more of your products.

This is where planning comes in. You need to have a different response for each of these customers – a different plan. Determine how to introduce your next level product. For the person that accepted your free gift you want to get him to become a customer. For the person that bought one of your products, you want him to buy your next level product or one of equal value. And then you want them both to continue to fall through your sales funnel.

3. Stay in touch.

Besides just creating a high quality line of products and services, you want to build a relationship with your prospects and customers. You do this by staying in contact. Send them email messages – content mixed with sales offers. Make sure they are aware of your blog posts.

This constant flow of valuable information helps to insure that prospects and customers stay tuned to your efforts and also makes it more likely that they will pass your information on to their associates or business partners. This could get you more subscribes and more customers.

As I stated at the beginning the planning phase is key to your internet marketing success. Planning involves creating your sales funnel plan, your marketing plan, your content plan and putting it all together to produce a working system.

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