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Why Is There No Manual For My IPad

Before you start reading about my experience, please turn off all distractions, like your TV. The information that I am providing here will change your life. Read on …

Two years ago I started working at my new job. In the beginning I was nervous, since I started working with many professionals in the computer industry. They seemed to have a lot of experience in troubleshooting any issues our clients had.

In a way this was also a blessing in disguise, because I was able to ask them any questions I had. After a month I became friends with my colleagues and work became a lot easier and enjoyable.

Everything was going well, unitl one day I was asked to help one of our clients to learn how to use her iPad. I immediately panicked, because I never used an iPad before. My colleagues told me not to worry and just visit her in her company’s office; I would eventually figure things out.

With that boost in confidence I drove to her office and asked her what kind of issues she had with her iPad. To make a long story short, I spent an hour trying to help and unfortunately did not accomplish much. The client seemed agitated and asked me if I could send someone else over, to which I said ‘Let me call my boss and we will get this sorted out.

After calling my supervisor and telling him about my inablility to help the client, he told me to wait until one of my colleagues came over. I was extremely happy about that because I felt like a deer in headlights after seeing the iPad for the first time in real life.

My colleague came over and taught the client the basics, as well as some more advanced tips. I observed them and learned a few things along the way. On the way back to my workplace, I got a call from my supervisor. After pulling over I took the call and was told to see him in his cubicle when I came back. I was nervous that I would be fired on the spot, because I wasn’t sure if the client complained about me after my colleague and I left.

At my supervisor’s cubicle I was spoken to in a very stern way and was told to get my act together. He asked me if I ever used an iPad before and I said No. Then he asked me what I was going to do about it, and I said I will try to research it on the Internet. My supervisor laughed and advised me to actually buy an iPad and start using it, because its popularity would only increase. I told him I would and thanked him for not firing me. He laughed again and said he would not fire me for a one time mistake, but that I should be on top of technology, because in our field our clients are the reason we have a job; they expect us to know anything technology and computer related. I thanked my supervisor and left.

At that time my shift was almost done and I started saying bye to my colleagues. But before I left, the colleague who came to help asked me what our supervisor told me. I told him that I had to buy an iPad and learn it from scratch. My colleague told me that he would lend me his iPad for the weekend, and that he would email me a link of a site that would teach me everything I needed to know about using the iPad. I thanked him, because I did not have enough money to buy a new iPad.

Once I reached home, I took my dog for a long walk. It was raining a lot and we got drenched. Since he is a stubborn dog, he did not want to come home, but I eventually bribed him with dog biscuits.

At home I started using the iPad. I learned a little, and was able to access my email, which made me very proud. Totally forgetting the link my colleague would email me, I saw it and clicked on it. What I read in the introduction was very interesting, but when I saw that I had to purchase the lessons, I held back. I emailed my colleague and asked him if he could email me the lessons for free. After one hour of no response I went to bed and took the iPad with me to learn a little more.

The next morning I got a response from my colleague and he told me that he could not email me the lessons because they are online video lessons. He also told me that it is better to invest a little money to learn the lessons and keep my job, which made a lot of sense to me since he lent me his iPad and saved me some money already. I did not want to get fired.

Again, to make a long story short, I bought and went through the lessons and learned so many new things, as well as very important basic and advanced features about the iPad. A week later, I even bought the iPad for myself after seeing the potential and finally understanding what I could do with it. It was an eye opening experience for me. There are many people who buy the iPad, but don’t use it for its full potential and that it is very sad to me.

Today, I am the resident iPad expert at my job and even got a promotion. My supervisor has since left the company (he got a better job) and the colleague who helped me out is the new supervisor, so I am in good hands … but that’s enough about me. Let’s get back to what’s important and unlock the potential you have in using your iPad.

I would really recommend anyone to check out the site below and even if you don’t want to purchase the lessons, at least read the intro to the site. There might even be a free video in the beginning explaining some things. Thanks for reading about my experience and see below for more.