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Why Businesses Should Have an iPhone/iPad Presence.

In a study conducted by Neilson, mobile internet usage is growing and growing fast. There is a rise of around 30% almost every year. By the year 2013, nearly 134 million cell web users are anticipated to be located in the United States only. In order to propel business and keep up with current trends in technology, companies are going to need to develop mobile applications.

Key reasons to go mobile:
– With an individual index for only mobile content, Google presents exceptional publicity for mobile programs. If businesses have mobile sites, they have an excellent opportunity to be ranked highly through Google.
– One out of every five Americans use the mobile web on a daily basis. This number continues to increase year after year. Because this local community continues to grow, companies should jump on the prospect to reach out to this people. Especially as the U.S. population continues to ditch their landlines. An estimated 20% of U.S. homes no longer have landlines. A loss of a land line is primarily widespread in the younger inhabitants, who are as well very passionate to using iPhones and other smartphone products.
– The purchases can improve in mobile devices. In 2009, $1.6 billion dollars were purchased from mobile products. Now, you dont have to step out of your house or browse the internet if you want to make any purchases. Shopping is really on-the-go.
– Retailers of all industries and sizes are participating in mobile applications. Brands comprise Wal-Mart, Best Buy, Sears, J.C. Penny, Target, Wendy’s, Burger King, Subway, Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, as well as Chipotle. These brands have all launched iPhone applications, mobile sites, and texting programs.

Creating an iPhone application will add to the functionality of a business and will build an extra means of keeping in touch with consumers. Surprisingly lots of companies are trying to instally iPhone apliactions. This presents providers with a finer proximity to customers. Most of the iPhone users don’t feel like leaving their mobiles. iPhone programs could as well offer you a user-experience in contrast to what any mobile website or widget are able to present.

Technology will play a large role in creating the most exciting, user-friendly applications out there. To create an iPhone application that will offer customers a one-of-a-kind shopping feel, providers should think about the use of 360 degree, 3D spine product photography, which include Preface Media’s technology. This way, the companies will promote and sell their products in a better manner. Users of the iPhone will be able to see items at a full 360 degree rotation. Another feature includes the ability to be able to pan up to 400 percent. These abilities have never been seen before on a mobile device and will present providers with the advantage they really need to get in front of the rivalry. Traditional single photography lacks realism and interactivity. This new systems gives customers a real feel for the product allowing them to choose with assurance without ever stepping foot in to a store.

Today that you are more than likely sold on the idea of developing an iPhone application for your business, you have got a few choices. You can create the application yourself or hire a professional to do if for you.

Do it yourself:
– Know what is your niche. What do you want your organization’s application to do?
– Research your competition. In case you have got an idea that 100 other people have previously had, chances are it is not going to give good results.
– Outline the design you wish to. The application you develop should not just be interesting, but also look good. Develop a page that allows you to lay out your images and texts to ensure that you can certainly ensure it is confidently pleasing.
– Hire a developer. In case you are technology savvy and have the time, you should be able to tinker with the application until you have it right. Otherwise, hire someone who is willing to do so.

Hiring a developer:
– Firstly, develop your own idea. This manner you have something to go with when meeting and selecting a developer.
– Do your research. In case you have an idea of what you want this will be much less difficult. Sarch for the companies offering services you want. For instance, in case you want 360 degree, 3D technology you will really need to locate a developer capable of executing these tasks.
– Enquire from people around you. Word of mouth marketing may well present you with a great reference of a perfect developer.
– Personally meet up with the developer, see the work and finally fix on hourly or fixed payment terms.

For skeptics of the iPhone application craze, shop around. No matter where you are, either at bus stop, mall or walking down the street,you will see almost every other person is using an iPhone ot other smartphones . Keeping on top of technology will keep the business thriving.

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Source: Nielsen Media Research