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What Types of Cases Do Civil Attorneys Handle?

When two parties have a dispute that cannot be settled, it often results in a civil lawsuit. They may hire lawyers to protect their interests and fight for their rights. Sometimes the case can be settled before it goes to trial; sometimes it ends after several decisions and appeals. A civil litigation attorney can help someone decide whether they need to file a lawsuit or can defend someone when they have been sued. There are a variety of case types handled by civil attorneys. These are just a requin

Personal Injury
Personal injury cases are any type of cause where someone is hurt or injured due to another party’s negligence or fault. This includes car accidents, slip-and-falls and injuries due to faulty equipment or dangerous conditions. One of the most well-known types of personal injury cases is the medical malpractice lawsuit. Although there is always some risk associated with surgery, patients have the right to expect professional medical care from their doctors, dentists, veterinarians and other healthcare tn

Real Estate
Commercial and residential real estate transactions are frequently complicated. They require the minds of those who understand the law and land or property transactions. Lawyers may assist in drawing up paperwork for a simple home purchase or could be hired to help resolve a failed real estate deal. Sometimes the two parties cannot come to an agreement on purchase or rental of a property and the other considers it a breach of contract. Sometimes there are confusing clauses in a contract that are interpreted differently by the parties. In other real estate cases, one party does not fulfill its obligations to the other due to financial reasons. Real estate attorneys are used to sort it all out.

Corporate or business law involves many different types of issues. Lawyers assist in drawing up business deals or resolving agreements that have gone awry. The dispute may be between a customer and merchant, two merchants or a company and its employee.

When people engage in business transactions and do not pay their bills or fulfill their financial obligations, they can be sued in a civil litigation case. Some types of collections include failure to pay rent, defaulting on a loan or simply refusing to pay a company for services or merchandise. When the case goes to trial and the judge or jury comes back with a verdict in favor of the plaintiff, sometimes referred to as the complainant, the defendant, or respondent, must pay the plaintiff the amount owed. Sometimes additional fees, penalties and interest are added.

In civil cases when the verdict is found in the plaintiff’s favor, the party is usually compensated with money as awarded by the judge and/or jury. This is paid by the defendant. Sometimes there are multiple defendants in one case that each pays a portion of the judgment. The case does not always involve a trial. Sometimes the parties reach a legally binding agreement beforehand.

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