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What To Do if Your Lawyer Is Not Providing You With Good Service,

This type of problem can be very common. It is also extremely serious, as the work that solicitors undertake can often have important, even life-changing implications attached to it. If you believe that you are not receiving the level of service that you deserve, you should not put up with it. You should make every effort to get your case back on track and more in line with your original expectations.

Obviously, there are two ways of going about trying to achieve this. Firstly, you can complain to the firm of solicitors themselves and present them with the opportunity to resolve the matter. Your second possibility would be that you actually demonstrate with your feet and attempt to take your custom elsewhere, if you can.

This is the crucial thing though, if you can! Sometimes a solicitor may know that you are restricted into having to use their services. As a consequence, they may feel safe to put your case on a back-burner and elect to progress with cases which they feel are more urgent. This is case management and prioritisation and unfortunately every firm of solicitors with a large case load does it.

This does not mean to say that you should put up with a lack of communication and overall service. You shouldnt. It is likely that the firm will be in receipt of quite a large sum of money for handling your case, therefore you deserve good customer service and want your case to be handled as expeditiously as possible.

If this is happening, it is a good idea to write a formal complaint letter to one of the firms senior partners. Set out your grievance clearly and concisely and ensure that you only relate to relevant facts. Keep the letter polite and professional and never let your emotions come through in your writing. Adopt the attitude that your complaint will work at this level. In other words, give the senior partner every opportunity to resolve your issues. If you do not feel that your complaint has been resolved satisfactorily, you are entitled to approach the Legal Complaints Service, who may be able to pursue the complaint for you.

If you are in the position whereby you are able to move to an alternative firm of solicitors – do so. Use a solicitors directory which will provide you with ratings and feedback on the solicitors in your area, so that you can try to prevent this from happening again. One good example of this type of directory can be found in the about the auther box. This is a venue where you will be able to see what former clients have felt about the firms and go on to make an informed decision.

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