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What Does Your Package Color Mean To Consumers

designed packaging boxes

The color of your Packaging Boxes sets the standard of how your product is standing out in the market competition. The colors speak to the customers, yes they do. They can communicate the message you want to deliver to potential customers. Some will disagree but my point is, there is no reason to avoid studying the color psychology in marketing and then choose the right combo of colors to use in the packaging boxes.

I’m using the CPP Boxes’ manufactured boxes and a variety of colors are there in my packaging. Because I have a bakery store so I send sweets in dark and bright colors both. In this blog, I’m going to tell you about the color experiences of the customers and how different colors do have an impact on the psyche of the customer.

Things You Should Know About Packaging Colors:

Every color has a meaning and when it comes to the packaging, it is a key element to consider if you are doing serious business. Without the basic knowledge of color psychology and product packaging, you cannot target the right customer. Know about the color science in this blog and apply this knowledge to your product packaging. There you go.

Black Packaging – Power, Class, Authority:

Black color in packaging shows the power, authority, and class of the product. Your product can come up easily among the other products because of the authority element. If your product is a little expensive and suits the black color packaging, you can use the black packaging with the decoration of a decent color to show that the product is expensive.

You can add decorations of the other colors to make a perfect combo. For example, by adding golden decoration can target the upper class and wealthy customers. The combo shows the elegance and classy nature of the product.

Did you notice the condom wrappers? They mostly use black packaging and red printed decoration on it. This combo shows the adultery or sexual connotation. Adding pink to black can attract the women, Orange makes it more attractive. Remember, don’t use bright colors over black packaging because it is not to attract serious customers.

Blue Color – Reliability, Trust:

Blue shows the Reliability and trust in your product. It also has shades with different meanings. People use dark blue colors to make their products more serious, professional to impact potential customers. Soft blue is not a nonserious one, it shows the space of creativity and strength. Did you notice Facebook is Blue and attracts trillions of the users? Why is that so? First, it is a color that can attract bigger customers without the respect of gender age, and region. But yes blue more attractive to the mature audience.

White – Simplicity, Happiness, Efficiency:

White packaging impacts differently. It is also said that the white color is percieved as a surface awaits to write on. But with different colored decorations, white packaging has its impact. This is a basic color in packaging that shows the unadventurous and simple behaviour of the product. Adding red-colored decorations is used to grab the attention of the customers. Yellow, Black, and other colored decorations also make a good combo to impact your product differently.

Red packaging – Love, Energy, Passion:

The red color in the packaging and printing industry is a key color. It shows love, affection, power, passion, and excitement. If your product has such elements and you think that your packaging should convey the same message you will use the red color if it suits the nature of the product. The red color is however two meanings. Although every shade of red has its meaning. Dark reds are used to impress the higher class of the society because it passes the luxurious vibes to the customers. The bright reds are used to excite the customers with a booster. Adding different colored decorations give a perfect combo and add more to the already set value of the product.

Orange – Enthusiasm, Self-confidence, Optimism:

Orange color is considered as a unique color to attract the customer in the packaging industry. It owes the vibes of enthusiasm, optimism, and self-confidence. If you think that the logo and the nature of the product can relate to the color, you can use the color with different tones to convey the required message to the potential customers. You can use the Orange packaging and blue decorations to ensure the customer about the reliability and durability of the product. In the same way, if you use black decorations, you can high the perceived value of the product to add decency in the packaging. Well, you have to be careful about different tones of the orange colors as some of the oranges show the cheapness of the product and some are oversimplified. So use the sensible orange to attract the right customer.

In Packaging, other than these few, many other colors are there too. Pick up the right colors to make a difference in the market and stand out with your unique colored and designed packaging boxes.