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Vincent van Gogh

People often get fascinated by the world of arts. There are really well renowned people who have attained the name plus fame in the world of art.

One such very well known art is painting. Painting is such an amazing art that is believed to be one of the perfect means to convey our views, feelings, etc…

When it comes to paintings we can never for the great painter “Vincent van Gogh”. This known painter got his fame set up in the world of art however it was too late by then. When Vincent was alive his paintings were not even looked upon. Individuals never appreciated his art during his life span. But it was after his death people got to know about his paintings. After his death folks started understanding the excellence of his art. Peple then realized his feelings and emotions that he wanted to convey to the world. His emotions, thinkings, doubts, responses all shown so magnificently in his paintings that if a person would like to say something however is falling short of words he could just get a painting to communicate it firmly with ideal knowledge.

On 30th March 1853, Vincent was born to a Teodorus family and resided in a village called Groot-Zundert . His wife’s name was Anna who was initially from Karbentus. Van Gogh had a loss of mental health. All this happened mainly because of the birth of a still child. Due to this incident, Van Gogh was deeply touched which affected severely on his mental health.

Vincent’s early days was a rather joyful going kind since he was born and brought up in a family who was progressive-minded. He enjoyed with 5 siblings. Vincent was the oldest amidst them. Four of his siblings had committed suicide. Vincent was very fond of paintings. This art fascinated him and therefore he considered to make this art his work when was at 16 years of his age. Before this, he sold paintings painted by other painters.

He started doing work in a European firm known as Goupil who was a really famous French art supplier. He was attracted towards Eugenie Loyer. However she rejected him since she was actually engaged. This fact left him in great shock and further affected his mental health. This resulted in the first act of melancholy that later turned into a despair. This affected adversely on his work due to which was dismissed as he was found no more competent. Then he went to Amsterdam for mastering theology however couldn’t pass the exam. After that he went to a missionary school in Brussels. Finishing his studies he moved to Borinage, Belgium. There he stayed in barracks and slept on straw like the other poor miners of that region. There Vincent began to paint and many people motivated him to do so. The art work of Jean-Fran inspired him deeply. His one of the perfect works is “potato-eater” that reveals a theme of god-fearing, hard working folks.

However, Vincent had to face a lot of problems in life which was really tragic. However then his art of painting made him alive with full of colors plus life through his gorgeous plus message conveying paintings.

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