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Various Dimensions of a Wicker Basket

Wicker Basket is a basket made up of woven fibers. Wicker basket can be made and designed from the natural as well as the manmade fibers, which are malleable enough to be woven and are durable.

Wicker basket can be used for various purposes; these are especially suited for the kitchens, and are very useful part of Kitchen Accessories, where you could use it to store kitchenware items. Wicker Basket plays a dual role and is an important of Home Accessories as well.

There are numerous utilities for which wicker or willow baskets are used in our everyday life, let us have quick look at them.

Utilities of Wicker Baskets

These wicker baskets can be placed inside your bedrooms to store the things like newspapers. It can assist you in getting rid of the messy rooms and make it look spacious. You can even use these various usable baskets to shop variety of commodities like seldom usable ash trays and picture frames, which are not in use.

These are very light in weight and can be easily carried over to anyplace. This makes it a best fit for giving gifts, especially to women. These baskets can also be used to carry precious elements, food, drinks, and candles and so on. Moreover, the most important advantage of wicker basket is that these are easy to sustain.

Wicker baskets are readily available but an unfortunate issue is that quite a few of us are not aware of the maintenance and cleanliness of the wicker baskets. However, just like other things, the basic rule applies here as well that is in order to keep them neat and clean, it is incredibly essential that you must clean wicker baskets often as often as you can. Cleaning in a right manner is really critical because of its complicated pattern where a lot of dirt and dust gets trapped. The same thing is applicable for willow basket as well, which is again a part of home accessories and kitchen accessories.

For cleaning these baskets just like we do for any piece of kitchen accessories, the foremost step is to empty it out and then wash these with plain water at room temperature. One can use shower for it as the pressure in the shower will assist to remove the dust quickly. You need to ensure that pressure is just not also too high as it can even harm your basket. After cleaning it with water, you now need to make a gentle solution of Luke warm water also using liquid soap. Apply the mixture to wicker basket smoothly using a soft sponge. Soft sponge is most advisable to clean wicker basket or willow basket.

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