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Training your Mind to Save and Earn More

The old adage If there is a will there is a way is apt for those who with save some money for their future. This is possible by training and conditioning ones mind toward saving. You can also train your mind to be happy. Happiness and prosperity depends on each individuals mental attitude. Achieving ones goal financial gain or otherwise is the key to feeling prosperity and happiness.

The working of our mind depends on our brain which is evolving continuously with our thoughts. It has been scientifically established that the brain physically changes in accordance with the nature of our thoughts which sends chemical signals to the brain through neurons. These neurons can be strengthened to think and behave in a particular way if one entertains that thought very often over a period of time.

We frequently and intensely think of things we desire and cherish. Consequently the neurons associated with these thoughts become stronger than other neurons and thus our mind becomes oriented towards achieving that goal. Similarly if we have strong desire for saving and think of it constantly then over time the thought becomes a part of our mind and we begin to save automatically without any conscious effort.

Similarly when you stop thinking of a particular subject the neurons associated with it weakens and gradually you begin to forget about it altogether. The more intensely or emotionally you think about a subject the more you remember about it. Hence the likelihood of the success of your saving plan depends on the intensity of your desire to do so. If your desire is strong enough you will always remember to save. Hence those who do not have desire to save can generate a strong desired for the same by frequently thinking about it.

Taking up a challenge and its successful implementation gives us sense of pride and achievement. This leads us to happiness the achievement of which is the basis for an individuals feeling of satisfaction and prosperity. Hence once we take up a challenge to save for the future our thoughts should centre on it. This concentration will strengthen the neurons connected with the thought which will in turn constantly remind us to save. Once we begin to steadily implement the steps required for achieving our targeted goal we will be overwhelmed by a feeling of happiness and fulfillment.

To become a successful saver all you need to do is to take a strong decision and work towards achieving this goal by constantly thinking about it. A strong motivation and reasonable target will help you achieve this goal. Write a reminder note to yourself everyday to save a percentage of your income for the future. Gradually it will become a habit with you and you will automatically put aside the required amount on a daily weekly or monthly basis until you reach your saving target within a year or more according to the time period you have set for yourself. This is possible by reprogramming your mind via thinking about saving and thus strengthening the related neurons.

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