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Top reasons to choose MEAN Stack for your next website development requirement

Mean stack is one the best development platform for developing websites. Let’s understand MEAN in details and why it’s important.


Mean Stack Stands for


M: Magno DB

E: Express DB

A: Angular JS

N: Node JS


MEAN.js is Javascript stack that assists to build swift, dynamic & manageable web applications using technologies like MongoDB, Express JS, and Angular JS & Node.js. These all technologies are equal to real gems. Let’s understand these technologies:


  • MongoDB: A No-SQL database that implements document-oriented data model. As its architecture’s backbone comprises of documents and collections in place of tables and rows. And this database is used to manage the humongous amount of data. 
  • Express JS: This vital JS framework is lightweight server-side And it is blended with Node.js to quicken the development process. Flexible, secure applications can be developed using Express JS. 
  • Angular JS: It’s by default web frontend JS; its maintenance is under Google. This framework is efficient to develop agile, single page web apps. Its flexible structure minimizes complex development and implementing testing widens scalability 
  • JS: Built on Chrome’s V8 Javascript engine. Its ecosystem package comprises of huge and varied open source libraries which include npm (Node.js package manager).


Reasons to choose MEAN stack for website development:


  1. Open Source Framework: It’s an open source; developers will be served with the recently updated stack.
  2. Easy to adapt: It’s easy to handle each and every module is bifurcated like MangoDB for the database.
  3. Flexibility: Yes we can say that MEAN stack is having flexibility. After completion of a website, developer can perform testing.
  4. Support MVC architecture: We can say that it’s a major advantage, MEAN Stack can be easily assembled with MVC architecture.
  5. Unique Coding: User can write in one specific framework and if user wants to shift the same in another then on implementing this procedure the code developed can be initiated framework will exactly run the same in the new sifted one .
  6. JSON Support: All MEAN stack modules be it MongoDB, Angular JS, Node.js, Express, all offer JSON format. JSON data doesn’t require reformatting or rewriting and solves the complexity while working with APIs.
  7. Excellent Performance: Node.js, the heart of the MEAN stack, is known for its outstanding performance. According to a number of benchmarks, the technology outperforms a number of other backend programming languages, including PHP, Python, and Ruby.

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