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Three Quick Steps to Effective Registry Cleaning and Repair

If you are experiencing slow, crashing or freezing computer problems, have problems with the system rebooting itself consistently, or are having problems installing or uninstalling software programs, you may be in need of registry cleaning and repair. A general virus scan will not always detect the problems, which just adds to the frustration.

Registry cleaning and repair is vital on almost every computer with a Windows operating system since the registry contains vital files and user preferences for the entire system. If you skip this process, over time your Windows registry will become bloated and will make your computer crawl like a turtle among other system instabilities that you will experience.

Some of the most common symptoms related registry problems are:

1. Computer runs slowly
2. Reboots are commonplace
3. Computer opens programs slow
4. The PC is slow to start up
5. You are having trouble adding or removing programs
6. There are slow computer response times
7. You are experiencing shut downs that are not normal
8. The Blue Screen of Death appears (blue screen with white letters)

The following steps will help you get your computer fixed in 10 minutes or so:

Step One: Create a Detailed List of Current Problems on Your Computer

Though this step may seem like fluff, it is vital to understand exactly where you stand in order to know what differences the registry cleaning and repair process will make. In other words, you can get to the end of this process and go back and compare the pre and post results to see if any remaining issues exist to be addressed.

Write down all the details you can think of. For example, if slow response times mainly happen after initial log on, write that down. If problems are experienced when certain programs are open, write that on your list. Just get a good idea of what is currently happening on your computer.

Step Two: Choose a Free Scan from a Quality Registry Cleaning Product

Several products exist that can do a great job of both scanning and repair for you. If you have never had to choose a product of this kind before, do not worry. There are only a couple of features needed for a product to be effective.

One feature to look for is ease of the software itself, which you can find out after a quick free download. If the software requires you to find help files to understand its use, find another one.

Another items that is included with only top products are system optimization tools. This could include Internet Explorer plug-in removers, junk file cleaners, evidence file removers, duplicate file removal, and defragmentation of the registry.

Finally, look for extensive yet easy to use help files in case you do have questions. It does not matter if the help files are online or local. You most likely will never need the help, but it is comforting knowing that it is there. Also do not spend the money to get live agents on the phone as it just reduces from your product features as they spend the money on help instead of quality software functions and designs.

Once you decide on a solid registry cleaning and repair software, choose the scan button and let it find errors on your system. It will come back with specific files found that need repair. If problems are found, you can move on to the next step. If problems are not found, you can decide if you want to purchase the software or not as it is good investment either way. All computers should have a good registry software, spyware removal software, and a general virus scan to be fully protected and optimized on a continual basis.

Step Three: Invest in the Software and Get Fixed!

You can just use the repair feature in the software that just did the free scan. The process of purchasing and repairing is extremely simple. Many of the products offer multiple computer licenses too, which will save you money if you have more than one PC to maintain.

The repair itself is the shortest task in the entire process. In just seconds the files will be quarantined and removed for you. It is a good habit to do this process on a consistent basis, like at least once a week.

Registry cleaning and repair is extremely easy and takes only a few minutes. Make sure to restart your computer to allow the repair to register and complete.

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