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The Value of Real Art

Over the centuries, art has been hailed as a great creative reflection of past times, a record focussing on certain aspects of society in that particular time.

More and more in recent years,these records by highly regarded artists throuhout the past have become seen as invaluable and almost priceless items. I say, ‘almost’ priceless, because as we often see in some of the world’s great auction houses, works of art selling for incredibly high sums.

How difficult it is to place a value on an original unique piece of art that is the only representation of a certain scene during that period.

Fashion does have a part to play in the increase or decrease of a painting. The most susceptible type of work to ‘fall from favour’ overnight is modern, or contemporary work. From the investor’s point of view timing is absolutely critical when buying or selling a piece of this art. As we have seen, a contemporary painting valued at over one million pounds can sometimes be sold for a mere fraction of that figure when the fashion changes and the work is regarded as ‘old hat’.

The safest, and probably the most sensible approach to investing in art is to consider artists that have a proven track record for many years. Not simply a local or national artist that has been heavily promoted by the publishers for a short period of time, who then drops into obscurity within a matter of years. But an artist whose work is seen in many public galleries throughout the world and has had an extremely successful career, an artist who’s work is collected by knowledgable members of the community, and is held in high esteem throughout the art world.. The work by these artists are definately the most collectable, as they will stand the test of time and have something of real value to say to their observers.

Do not be persuaded by the luxury furnishings of a well placed gallery and a proffessional seller. Do a little research into the artist’s work that you wish to collect, and remember that if you are buying for decoration only, then let the price you pay work some work reflect that. If you are able to combine pleasure and investment then it is a bonus, but it is a difficult and tricky task to do so. Many people are lulled into a false sense of security, listening to only what they wish to hear, and are surprised years later that their ‘investment’ has increased as much as their car or three piece suite’.

David Tatham has been working in the art world for over many years and . His website contains a wealth of information, also hundreds signed, limited edition prints and original works of art by world renowned artists,eg. The conservationist and wildlife artist, David Shepherd .