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The Importance Of Comfort Zones

Before I talk about comfort zone, do you know what comfort zone is at the first place? Here is my definition of comfort zone, it is getting yourself in a situation where you are totally new to it and feel a slight or sometimes high amount of stress from doing a task that you totally do not feel comfortable with.

Here is a great example of what comfort zone is about. Imagine all your life, you never like to speak to people and hate to meet people. But you find out from successful speakers that in order for yourself to succeed in life you first have to be open enough to be proactive to know more people in order to be successful.

You decide that you want to take it slow and do not follow the advice that they give. You are actually putting yourself still in the Easy Zone. If you seriously wanted to believe in succeeding in life and you decided to be more proactive to know people you are actually in the Uncomfortable Zone.

I read a lot of books in the past and most self-development books have a common thing in them, they talk about teaching you how to be proactive and get out of your comfort zone to do something you normally will not do.

Why is it important to be able to get out of your comfort zone? If you do not get out of your comfort zone, how will you be able to model yourself with other successful people that have achieved things that you always yield for? You will not be able to learn new skills and mindsets if you do even attempt to try to get out of your comfort zone.

Lets take a normal worker at work in his company. Having a diploma in computers, he draws a happy salary of about $2k a month. Working 8am to 5pm like all 90% of the world is doing. Getting no credit for overtime or time committed to the company that he is working for. Worst case, he was even been blame for helping the company from suffering a huge lost in the company. Do all these sounds familiar to you?

Do you know what is the no.1 thing that most successful people have that you do not. If you noticed all 10% of the wealthy people in the world all have business or investment and build passive assets.

What do normal 8 to 5pm workers have? They do nothing! Everyday, do nothing but work and work just to pay the monthly bills. Save little money every month and maybe spend on some leisure stuff and continue the whole cycle again. There are some of the common questions people faced. Do you want to be like this for all your life? Do you want to retire at a earlier stage of your life? Able to enjoy all the freedom that you want with your family and love ones?

Basically there are only 2 types of zone that we encounter in our life. The Easy Zone and the Uncomfortable Zone.

Definition of Easy Zone

Anything task that you do that will not make you stress out and can be done easily.

Definition of Uncomfortable Zone

Basically it is the opposite of Easy Zone, which is any task that you do that you totally dislike and feel very uncomfortable with.

So how do you identify these zones? Well.. just follow these pointers in any task you do and you will know if you are doing something in which zones.

Q1. Is the task at hand an easy way out to completing the task?

Q2. Do you feel comfortable when doing the task at hand?

If your answers are YES to both questions, you are deciding on something that is actually AN EASY WAY OUT to the problem or task at hand which is the EASY ZONE.

Like wise if your answers are NO you are deciding on doing the task in a very uncomfortable manner.

In order for you to grow and be successful, always be in the Uncomfortable Zone. Why? Because when you try something you never try before and you go forward and just do it. You will learn and improve more.

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