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The Best Type Of Website Of Sell Your Product

When most people think of a website for selling products they imagine a site like Amazon. A mega site where you can buy thousands of items. They imagine a site with lots of products so that no matter what someone is looking for they can find it on the site, and of course buy it. If you think this is the most effective site for selling your product, you are dead wrong.

Countless internet marketing experts have tested over and over to determine what kind of website is the most effective in selling a product. What they have found is that far and away the most effective website for internet marketers to sell products is a one page sales letter type of website. These are commonly referred to as mini-sites.

In reality, the mini-site generally has more than one page. In addition to the sales page, there is usually a thank you page, a download page and possibly a payment page. But for practical purposes you can think of the mini-site as a one page sales letter.

Selling in this manner is called direct marketing. It has been done for years, well before there was ever an internet. I am sure you have seen many times, sales letter you receive in the mail. They are usually many pages long. They have headlines and bullet points, often a moving story about someone and many glowing testimonials from satisfied and enthusiastic customers.

Many of those direct marketing letters were very effective. Some of them you had to read all the way through just to satisfy your curiosity. Those letters really created an urge to buy.

Those direct marketing letters are the basis for the one page mini-site. Instead of sending it through the mail you post it on the internet. Instead of mailing it to a target list, you solicit targeted traffic. Why are sales letters still around and why do internet marketers use that format to market their products. Plain and simple, it is because it still works. It not only works, but is the most effective way to sell a product.

Sites that sell a myriad of products are not as effective because it presents the potential customer with too many choices. The more choices a consumer has, the less likely he or she will make a buying decision. The one page mini-site has one purpose only, to sell one product. The consumer has only two choices, to buy or not to buy. This simplicity is what makes it so effective.

The one page mini-site is the most efficient, best producing type of site to use as an internet marketer. Whether you are selling ebooks, audio courses, videos or even physical products, a mini-site is your best bet. Mini-sites will be a large part of your internet success.

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