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Roswell Slip and Fall Attorneys Krogers

When you go to the grocery you dont expect that it could be the worst experience of your life. Sadly this is the case for many people every year at grocery stores all over Georgia, including at the Kroger in Roswell. If you have experienced a slip and fall accident, you know how much your life can be affected. Slip and falls can cause you to be injured and lose physical ability. This overall loss of health can affect your family, your career and your long term goals.

Slip and fall accidents happen when you lose your balance due to the contact between your shoe and the surface. Sometimes, foreign items that are not usually on a surface can trigger a slip and fall accident. This could be because of a recently mopped floor that has not dried yet or a beverage spill. Slip and fall accidents could also be caused by the floor itself. Sometimes flooring materials are naturally slippery and are prone to causing accidents. Flooring material can be faulty or defective. If an object is lying out of place on the floor, it can be an obstacle that causes you to trip.

During a slip and fall accident, you can be severely injured. This may include bruises, scrapes, deep wounds, back injury and even traumatic head injuries. Accidents of this kind have the potential to make your life miserable. You could permanently injure yourself, incur massive hospital bills and even lose your job, all for no fault of your own. This is unacceptable.

As a grocery store, Kroger is well aware of the amount of foot traffic that is expected to come through their doors. It is imperative for companies like Kroger to provide a safe, functional environment for their customers to prevent slip and fall accidents from occurring. When Kroger acts irresponsibly, even if it is in error, they put customers like you at risk. If Kroger is responsible for subjecting you to an environment that is hazardous, they ought to compensate you for your injuries and subsequent loss.

Many companies will try to hinder you from receiving fair compensation. They may go out of their way to prove that they are not responsible for your accident. They may try to wrongfully shift the blame toward you and try to prove that you are the one at fault. When a company like Kroger is careless about safety, you cant rely on them to make the situation right. You have to seek out an experienced slip and fall or personal injury attorney.

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