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Review on Commision Junction

This is a great way to make money, but if you’re new to this kind of income-earning opportunity, it is vital that you know the good and the bad of Comision Junction. It is best to work with companies that have been operating for several years. CJ is considered as one of the leading networks in the industry, and has built a good reputation over the years. Many of today’s famous advertisers are familiar with the company. If these advertisers know that you’re part of the network, they will surely visit your blog site and perform an action. Whenever advertisers or site visitors buy or click on the ads, you can earn more money.

Before you can become part of Comision Junction, you have to fill out an application form. You will be notified if your application has been accepted or approved. As part of the network, many advertisers will look for you and encourage you to join their respective affiliate programs within the CJ network. It is typical for affiliates to receive invitations to join programs. This is a great way to start displaying advertisements without going through the individual application process.

As a newbie, you might need help. This is not a problem because the network will help you in getting started. The payments are also reliable and you won’t find it hard to navigate CJ’s website.

Now that you know the good points of Comision Junction, you should also look into the negatives. As mentioned earlier, the network is a place for the big and popular advertisers. Getting accepted is not that easy. Aside from filling out the application form of CJ, you also need to apply for the individual programs of advertisers. If you receive invites, you’re lucky because you can bypass the application process. Even if you’re not part of CJ, you can display ads of certain affiliate programs on your blog.

As an educated and smart affiliate or blogger, you need to determine the payment terms and requirements of individual programs. This is important because the affiliate programs tend to vary greatly. You have to make sure that you’re able to meet the requirements of the programs, and choose the ones that suit your abilities.

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