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Product Creation Advice – How Do I Sell My Audio Product Now That I’ve Created It?

I recently did a question and answer webinar and received many questions on the same subject…what exactly to do once you’ve created your audio product.

“I feel the only thing holding me up is the actual piecing together of getting my new product listed on my site, adding a payment option and getting all of the steps done in the right order. I feel paralyzed because I’m afraid I’ll miss something. The order of doing everything is what I’m overwhelmed by… help!”

Here’s a list of what to do after you’ve created your audio product

1. To Edit or Not to Edit. Does your audio product need some small editing? Keyword here is small. You don’t want to get stuck on making it perfect. Remember, it’s all about progress and not about perfection. Do you need to edit your audio? If your child is crying in the background or there’s a dog barking… yes. If you speak normally and have some Ahs and Ums… no. As long as the content is good, you don’t need to sound like you spent weeks in a professional studio. Get a copy of a low-cost or free audio editing software if you think you should do some small editing. Be sure and plan ahead for uninterrupted quiet when creating your audios because many times, you can create your audio without the need to edit afterward.

2. Brainstorm a Great Title. Think about what your audio product will deliver to your customers. What is it they really want? Try to avoid “cutesy” titles that can detract from the value of your information.

3. Consider a Cover. Seriously think about getting a professional cover created for your audio product. This creates a higher perceived value in the mind of potential customers and clients. You can also just have a low-cost logo created as long as it looks professional in place of an audio CD cover.

4. Write The Product Sales Page. Wherever you put your audio product for sale, you will need some compelling sales copywriting. This is a great skill to cultivate. You can also choose to outsource this is you have the budget. When writing your sales copy, remember it is all about the customer and the bottom line benefits they will get from your product. This is not the place to focus on you and your greatness (…though I am sure you are!)

5. Choose How to Accept Money. You have many alternatives in shopping carts and there is always paypal. In the past, PayPal was seen as unprofessional but those days are over. It’s a fabulous option today. You are up and running very quickly and when you make a sale, the money you’ve earned is available instantly instead of days later as with a traditional shopping cart and merchant account.

6. Add Your Buy Now Button. Get the code for your button and place it in your sales page several times throughout the page. This is like asking people to buy several times. Don’t just ask once.

7. Ask Your List to Buy Now. It doesn’t matter how “small” you feel your list community is, as soon as you have your sales page with your buy now button ready, ask your list community to buy your audio product. Give them a special incentive to do so immediately. A subscriber appreciation gift of X dollars if they purchase within the next 3 days. Email them each of these days to remind them of why they should buy your product (the benefit to them) and how many days or hours they have left to purchase your product at this special price. This serves several purposes, you will get a burst of confidence and momentum from seeing your first sales in this product and the infusion of cash can help you continue to find new subscribers and customers.

8. Find New Subscribers and Customers. After you’ve created your product and put it online to sell, it isn’t over. Just like a “real” bricks and mortars business, you should always be looking for new potential customers and clients.

9. Keep Asking for the Sale. Do not hide your product once you’ve created it. Place a link to your sales page on your blog, recommend it as a subscriber resource in your newsletter or articles. Every once in a while, have another sales price event.

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