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Organize Your Life: 11 Simple Steps to Start De-cluttering Your Home

Who says de-cluttering is difficult and time consuming?

The more you let your home become more disorganized, the more you become susceptible to stress and anxiety.

There are times when we feel like everything around us is a mess and although we desperately need to manage all our stuff, it becomes quite difficult to determine where to start.

What’s good about de-cluttering your home is that you actually don’t need to spend even a single dime and in the moment you’ve started, you feel like you don’t want to stop.

If only you can manage a simple and organized home, there’s the assurance of living a prettier life full of cleanliness and hospitality.

So now, don’t worry about having no budget at all when it comes to de-cluttering since there are many ways to start yours.

Here are some of them:

Do not get overwhelmed by the task of de-cluttering and organizing the entire house. If you think of the scale of your work, you will certainly be discouraged. What you need to do is take it one room at a time. Grab a pen and paper and list down your priorities. Write where you want to start.

After you determine which room in the house to begin with, setup a list of all the stuff you need to sort out. Separate those that you want to retain and those that you need to get rid of. Remember that your list must be based mainly on what are those things that are still useful to you.

Spend some significant time analyzing and visualizing the entire room. The purpose of this is to give you a detailed picture of what kind of change you would want.

Next, give yourself a nice treat or reward right after finishing a certain de-cluttering goal for that day. You can either buy some nice dinner or watch a movie with pizza later on.

Keep track of your progress and make sure you have a deadline set for the task at hand. You cannot aim at cleaning up the entire bedroom in two days and end up finishing it in a week.

Always emphasize perseverance and commitment by the time you get started. A lot of people find it hard to continue when they realize there’s just too much space to organize. Think of the bigger picture – “as I finish this, it’s like setting up a new beginning.”

Remember that de-cluttering is all about organizing stuff. So make sure to seriously consider and think twice in purchasing a new set of things for the house. You don’t have to spend money in buying another storage drawer or cabinet. Empty all those that you have in your home and then put back those that you need the most and do away with the rest.

Have with you a neutral corner, space, or area where you can put some things that you still need to decide whether to retain or keep away. When you try to organize, you normally sort stuff out in two sides – those that you want to keep and those that you need to get rid of. However, there are also things that you cannot decide on immediately. With a neutral corner, you place those things in there and choose later on.

The closet is an area where most of us get quickly disorganized. Do you feel like you’re always arranging all your clothes and after only a few days, it’s all messed up again? The best thing to do with your clothes is to identify those that you don’t wear anymore and put them in storage boxes. Keep those that you love to don.

Keep a mindset of always being organized. The problem for most people is that they find it necessary to de-clutter once in a while but go back to the same mentality of untidiness later on. If you want to organize your life, build an attitude towards being always organized and ordered.

Finally, tell the people that you live with to do the same. You can’t afford to organize and de-clutter your home when everyone else inside does not want to take part in it.

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