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Offshore software development- reap the benefits

Early on people preferred outsourcing to reap the cost benefits, but now it is not so. A lot of offshore providers have become partners and the later one gets quality work done at an affordable price. Most of the companies assign projects to offshore companies and former ones mainly focus on the core proficiency.

One thing that should be always kept in mind is that offshore software development does lower cost but it is the initial selection process where expenses occur. Take your time when it comes to selecting right provider as a decision made in hurry gives grief and disappointment in long way. Sufficient effort needs to be made to ensure that the offshore company you are going for has required manpower and subject matter expertise needed for custom software development.

Among various destinations, India is considered to be the best one. Below are a few benefits that one can get with software development in India:

1. Economical deal: It is truly said that the total cost of offshore work in India is almost 50% lower than in US and other countries. It has also been seen that a lot of companies have been in successful in making sufficient savings by outsourcing projects.

2. Quality: India, being an IT hub is said to be using a number of successful technologies and has built a benchmark for quality process. A true example of it is that there exists a number of SEI CMM level 5 certified and 140 ISO 9001 certified software development companies in India. This ensures that you’ll get quality work made by using updated technology.

3. Pool of talents: India, is said to be a pool of English speaking and talented IT professionals. Statistical study feature that every year more than 120,000 IT professionals are added to the Indian talent pool whereas in US the number is only 25000.

Besides, the above listed advantages there are certain tips as well that one should keep in mind before going for offshore software development:

1.Security practice: It is advised to always check the security practice of the service provider you are going for. Make sure that the vendor understands the importance of confidential information. For a healthy relationship between both the parties it is also advised to understand the international protocols and IT, political and economical policies of the vendor. This would minimize risks in future.

2.Working simultaneously: It is necessary that both vendor and outsourcer should have mutual understanding of working together and should be able to solve differences. They should have strong understanding that is required to continue the relationship.

To conclude it can be said that offshore software development does come with a number of advantages but always remember that only with a right vendor you can reap the advantages.

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