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Minimize Your Costs With Direct Mail

If you want to get your marketing campaign rolling, direct mail it. Just ask any experienced catalog printing company, and they will tell you that direct mail is an effective way to reach out to your clients. In fact, any business can maximize the capacity of their print catalogs with a direct mail strategy. Most successful businesses owe their accomplishments to an effective direct mail strategy because it increased their client data base.

Direct mail campaigns can help you achieve your goals with very minimal costs without sacrificing your profits. How? By reaching out to as many potential clients as possible in such a short amount of time and effort.

So how do you do it? With these steps, you can create your very own direct mail campaign without having to use up the limited resources you have for your print catalogs.

1- Develop other uses for your direct mail campaign before you begin the design.

This will definitely help you create a unique catalog printing material that can also serve other purposes. Can you include discount coupons or exchange tickets for freebies? Do you provide extra information and how-to’s to your audience?

2- Put color into your direct mail campaign.

Color backgrounds and graphics help increase your response rate. It has been known for many years that color plays a major role in convincing people to act on a message. Invest on that fact. Ask your catalog printing partner to help you create brilliant colors in your direct mail collateral.

3- Convey a clear and concise message.

Your message is the most important element in your collateral. It doesn’t matter that your product is the most effective or that it’s the miracle drug for all ailments, if you don’t convey it clearly to your target clients, they won’t know about it. It’s that simple.

4- Your design should be consistent with your message.

It won’t do you any good if your audience gets confused just because your design says one thing and then your message says another. Make sure that both elements are consistent and that they support each other throughout your direct mail campaign.

5- Provide credibility in your direct mail collateral.

You have to walk the talk. Don’t just say it; prove it. Claims are useless unless you don’t have the details to attest to it. Details and information can go a long way in providing credibility to your business.

6- Include a hard-to-resist offer. Provide a free gift.

As the Godfather would say, make an offer that your clients can’t resist. Add a freebie or two. This would definitely get the attention of your target audience.


Have I already mentioned the free gift? Then I’ll say it again. Include freebies in your campaign and you’ll definitely get clients pounding at your doors.

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