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Military Veterans Are Not Just Buying Homes With VA Mortgages, They Are Now Using Them As VA Refinance Tools

Though most well known as a way for military veterans to purchase their first homes, the VA home loan program also has a VA refinance subprogram that many military veterans are using to secure lower interest rates on their mortgages and also to get cash for other purposes. And, really, if you think about it, this is wonderful for the military veterans because the ability to refinance one’s home loan gives home owners the financial flexibility to thrive in today’s complicated and challenging economy. tn pas cher

This government sponsored VA refinance helping hand is a very vital part of the entire VA home loan program. The VA home loan program got its start in 1944, with the closing of the second world war, with two main goals in mind: to give a hand to returning airmen, sailors, soldiers and marines and to help strengthen the nation’s economy by strengthening its all-important housing market. In the seven decades since its inception, the VA home loan program has sponsored more than $911,000,000,000 in home and refinance loans that have gone to military veterans and their families. Moreover, these loans have been especially helpful to military veterans since they have been 100% financed 90% of the time meaning that the vets did not have to pay any down payment. To begin the VA refinance process, the want to be borrower does not have to do much. First of all, they have got to get together some documents documenting their identity, that they are indeed a military veteran and what they have been up to the last two years. To prove this, a military veteran is normally asked to provide his or her last two W2’s, evidence of the last two years of housing history, evidence of the last two years of employment history, his or her Social Security Number, his or her DD214, and a certificate of eligibility. nike tn pas cher

After the military veterans have got these papers together and submitted them to their VA home loan specialists, it does not take them long to learn if they should indeed move forward in the qualification process. Since VA home loans are thought to be the fastest, easiest and least costly of all the mortgage programs out there, most military veterans do in fact move forward with the process after this step. nike pas cher

You know, our airmen, sailors, soldiers and marines have done so much for all of us here back home, and they deserve to be thanked with benefits such as the VA refinance program. As a result, when the time has come for a military veteran to purchase or refinance a home, they need to look into how this loan program can assist them.

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