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Is the Apple Ipad All It’s Cracked Up to Be?

iPad2 came to market on the first week of March 2011. Indeed this launch was predicted. There are over 15 million proud owners of 1st generation iPad. Inside a span of three months the next generation iPad was introduced in the market. There are many improved and new features added to iPad2. The processor is very speedy and has A5 chip as well as a dual core CPU. Thus its graphics are almost 10 times faster.

The added features available in iPad2 are:
o Design is slim: The iPad2 is less in weight as compared to other models while keeping all the existing features. The appearance is slim and sleek. With many additional features inducted into the iPad2 it is unexpectedly thin looking and light in weight.
o iPad2 cover: The ‘smart cover’ has many utilities like screen safeguarding, typing, watching films and videos. The cover comes in many types of colors.
o Color: Black and tablet white are two colors available.
o Processor: With the A5 chip the processor of iPad2 has substantially increased its speed. The operating systems are greatly improved. It has Safari web browser and iTunes with enhanced performance as compared to the initial version and its features.
o 3G on AT&T Verizon: Its inbuilt 3G feature do not require any additional gadget as in the original version. In the earlier series additional gadget was needed which was uncomfortable for the people.
o Sensors: It has an updated and well synchronized three-axis gyroscope with accelerometer. It has better access to API functions which influence these sensors for development in applications.
o iOS 4.3: The web browsing ability is much better with iOS 4.3 software. It offers FaceTime function, improved browsing, personal hotspot performance and thus this feature is appreciably enhanced from the earlier version.
o Cameras: The iPad2 has dual camera whereas the previous version had none..The cameras in iPad2 are mounted at the front and the back. This helps the user to have FaceTime video conference with people using iPod touch, iPhone and this phone.
o Entertainment: Since iPad2 is supporting HMDI output the users can certainly have 1080p resolution on TV sets. The feature added with iOS 4.3 enables the user for multiple function like editing audio and video.
o Cost: The cost of iPad2 is apparently the same as the original models. The price is kept the same as the first version, luring people to buy iPad2. It is also well suited for the customers as they get a feature upgraded phone with similar price. The iPad2 cost varies from $499 to $829 depending on the GB, WiFi and 3G versions.

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