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Irate Customers and Contact Centers

There are a number of reasons why customers who call contact centers become irate. The number one reason of course is dissatisfaction with the product or service that they receive. But these problems may be easily remedied with good customer service. Without these, the customer may transform into a phone monster because of a rude phone officer or because of inappropriate handling.

Customer service officers from the Philippines have been dealing with a number of irate customers since contact centers became popular. Hence, the contact center agents have put forward several suggestions as to the proper way of dealing with irate customers while at the same time helping them with whatever concerns that they may have.

The foremost rule to remember is to always be cool even in the face of an irate customer. By showing that the situation is manageable, the contact center agent shows confidence. This confidence will also be a way of saying to the customer that everything is under control. If the agent suddenly goes into panic mode and starts speaking very quickly, out of sync, the customer will also know that the agent does not know what to do. The initial response would be to request for a supervisor or anyone who is able to deal with the situation.

Also, contact center agents need to possess the ability to look past the negative words and shouts of the customer and cut through to the issue at hand. Is it a matter of bad product or a difficulty? Is it because of a promise made and not fulfilled by another customer service officer? There may be sometimes that the customer is wrong. However, the agent should be willing to do everything in his power to help the customer no matter how obnoxious he or she may be.

There should also be a way for customers to talk to and contact customer service. For call center agents in the Philippines, they do not seek to be elusive. Although some contact center agents may claim that they are located in the country of their clients. However, if this is not true, why claim it to be so? It would only complicate matters. Being elusive is not a good sign of customer service. If a company becomes elusive, then customers may even suspect that something fishy is going on.

Contact center agents in the Philippines also embark in an effort to look at the specific aspects of a complaint. A complaint can never be solved unless the customer service officer can look at the needs of the customer and suggest different ways of dealing with it. This also calls for clear language and without the confusing words so often used in sales and marketing.
In resolving complaints, it is necessarily for customer service agents to ask probing questions and make the complainant talk about their experience. There is no other way in understanding the customers complaints. After such reasons shall have been understood, then the contact center agent can proceed in enumerating possible solutions to the problem.

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