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International Auto Shipping To Costa Rica

Everything you need to do know about international auto shipping to Costa Rica is right here at your finger tips. If you are unsure of where to start, you can fill in the online form and get 100% non binding quotes from international auto shipping agents in your area. Completely free!

Whether you want to ship your car by air, sea or by land, there are certain regulations that need to be met, and rules that need to be followed. You will find details of all of these here.

Before you begin, you need to decide which mode of transport you are going to choose. Then you can narrow the field of international auto shipping agents to choose from. Sea freight is the preferred method, and there are 3 ports where your vehicle can enter Costa Rica: Puerto Limon largest port, Puerto Caldera and San Jose.

Once you have decided on your method of transport, you will need to take note of and be able to meet the following points:

Documents Required:

* Original receipt of purchase for the vehicle being transported
* All registration documentation pertaining to the vehicle

Fees and Taxes payable:

There is a high tax charge when bringing your vehicle into Costa Rica using international auto shipping. Some examples of the taxes charged are: Import tax; sales tax; consumption tax etc. No amount is set as there are various items that are taken into consideration when calculating your tax payable. For instance:

* The value of your car
* The model of your car
* The year it was purchased
* Consumption levels and engine capacity

These are all take into account and a unique amount is presented to you.

It can be arranged, upon your physical entry into Costa Rica, that you drive your vehicle for 3 months without paying tax. This can be discussed with the Consulate of Costa Rica.

Gas Emissions Certificate:

You will need to obtain a gas emissions clearance certificate that has been issued within 30 days of the vehicle arriving in Costa Rica. Without this document stating that your car has been cleared for entry based on its levels of gas emissions, you will not be able to transport your car via international auto shipping into the country.

Customs Procedures:

One more decision you will need to make is: are you going to import the car by yourself, or will you use the services of a freight forwarder? Most people choose to use the services of freight forwarders as they will know exactly what is required and have all the relevant contacts. Added to this, they will be local and able to speak the language.

However, if you choose to import the car yourself, it is strongly advised to do so in San Jose. The reason behind this is that your vehicle will be cleared far quicker here than at the other two ports where you would probably be required to stay overnight.

Taking this into account, you will no doubt find it easier to choose your international auto shipping agency using our online form. Best of luck!

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