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Increase your internet traffic to your website

How can Richleads offer FREE SMS ACCOUNTS for your site?

At Richleads, we have found that the most effective way to demonstrate our advanced technology and capture the awareness of the masses, is to offer a simple, basic service for FREE and once experienced, internet shoppers and businesses upgrade to the full service. Richleads Registered Shoppers enjoy this unique method of shopping. Because it is so quick and easy to find the product or service they are ready to purchase, we can say with pride that over 80% of Richleads Shoppers intend, and do in fact return to take advantage of our patented profiling technology. And the best news is that it costs absolutely nothing, zero, zip, nada, to have the Richleads Free SMS Promotion for your site to attract more internet visitors.

High Search Engine Visibility

Unless you have been living under a rock, you know the importance of keywords. You also know that people love SMS texting. The term “free SMS” is highly searched, and by installing a FREE SMS link on your site, your internet business can now use the term “free SMS” and you can offer your traffic this amazing service for FREE.
Who are your visitors and what do they want?
Traffic comes and goes to your site and that’s fantastic, but who are they and what do they want. Knowing this is the key to a super successful internet business. This is where it get’s really exciting. Each and every time a shopper registers for their FREE SMS ACCOUNT, you capture their details. That’s priceless.

High Conversion Rate

How many sales do you currently generate with each visitor? The opportunities to convert each and every visitor to a sale are endless, once you have their details. And remember, all this for FREE.
What else does the Richleads Community Offer?
Just like the internet shopper, once you have had a taste of what the Richleads Community can offer you from the tremendous results you are experiencing, we know you will want more. By paying a nominal referral fee, you will have access to as many ideal shoppers as you can handle. Never again will you waste money on traffic. Our shoppers are genuine. They are real. And they are waiting to register and buy from YOU – NOW.

How do you get Started?

It’s easy. Click Here to register for the FREE SMS service for your site. Then simply choose the category and promotion that best describes your internet business. You will be promoted to the hundreds of thousands of Richleads Registered Shoppers within our community and the moment they register, they will be referred instantly to YOU. We can even arrange to send your shopper details direct to your mobile by SMS, so you can be away from your computer and still be informed immediately of your latest lead. The SMS leads service is also free and designed to help make your Richleads experience as cost effective, simple, enjoyable and highly successful as possible.
As a further Richleads bonus, you can choose from our existing promotions or you can customize your own. We will then promote your Promotion to our Registered Richleads Shoppers. Very Simple! Very Powerful !!!

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