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How To Make Incredible Videos with An iPhone, iPod or iPad Touch

Discover the Secrets of how to make Incredible Videos with your iPhone to Sell More of your Products & Services!

Video these days has become essential to the success of any business, online or off. You can learn how to produce videos that can be instantly uploaded and could go viral in just a few minutes.

90% of all internet traffic this year is video. Are you part of that? Why not?

Don’t get left behind.

Video is the new communication tool.

#1. It’s always with you.
#2. It’s connected!
#3. Amazing Apps!

What’s in this iPhone Video Hero Course?

How to get Professional Quality videos.

How to create lighting set-ups on a budget.

How to use the built in controls to shoot video. Do you know what they are? Really?

How to create videos on the fly without breaking the bank.

Getting Video Testimonials without hiring a professional service.

Discover the Best Apps to get the job done without wasting time learning which ones are good. Jules gets straight to the good ones.

How to edit your new videos with iMovie.

Want to shoot videos with your iPad? He shows you how to do that!

How to add Music to your video and where to get it.

A Secret Accessory to capture amazing audio to go with your videos.

Some of the best microphones you may already have.

How to shoot and publish amazing promo videos in just minutes for yourself or a client.

How to make really cool exploding videos using just your iPhone.

Ever watch shakey home videos? Jules shows you how to keep your iPhone steady for a professional look.

Make videos that sell. There is a way to do this that makes your customers pull out their credit cards and beg you to let them send you money. Let from a pro how it’s done.

Over 3 hours of Instructional Videos

* Online video Marketing
* Blogger / YouTuber
* Better Videos

Watch the Video to find out more.


Would you like to read more about the iPhone Video Hero and how it can explode your business?

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