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How to Get a Fast Auto Loan When You Have Bad Credit or Poor Credit

If you’re looking for an auto loan it may be because you were turned down by a car dealer, your bank or your credit union. It’s not common knowledge but there are other places you can get a fast auto loan. Sometimes buyers have been turned down for a car loan by all three because of poor credit or bad credit and think they don’t have any other options. That’s been the case for people I know and I was encouraged to find out there is a way to get a fast car loan and with a free 60 second quote too.

This is how I found out that car dealers don’t know and don’t have all the financing options. They work through brokers and usually have a finance person on the premises who calls around to try to try to get a loan for you so they can make a sale on the car they’re trying to sell you. However often they aren’t able to do it. It could be because of some small blip on your credit report, a lower credit score than meets their criteria, not on the job long enough or other factors. They may say it’s because of bad credit, poor credit, no credit or bankruptcy.

And the worst part about trying to get a fast car loan through a car dealer is they’re putting marks on your credit report for each car financing company or auto financing agent they contact. This doesn’t help your credit report but this may be the only way you can find out that you can’t get a fast car loan – their way anyway.

Arranging for your car loan before you buy of course would be the best option but one doesn’t always know enough details regarding price etc., in order to get an auto loan quote.

There are a few auto loan companies on the Internet who charge an advance fee to get you a loan but I would avoid these. There’s a way to get a car loan and fast and you can do it yourself without paying any money upfront. You can easily get a free quote in 60 seconds and get a fast auto loan regardless of what the car dealer, credit union or bank tells you and regardless of poor credit, bad credit, no credit, or even bankruptcy. There’s plenty of money available right now for car loans too. That makes it even easier.

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