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How To Generate Traffic With Pay Per Click Programs

If you are in the web business for profit or pleasure, your number one concern is generating traffic. Traffic is the life blood of your website and every website could use more. Pay-Per-Click programs have been around for a while now, but they have also changed a lot as well. These programs were very simple when they were started and have become far more powerful as their applications have advanced, resulting in even more exposure and traffic generation for those who employ them.

Today, pay-per-click programs have advanced quite a bit. Programs today now allow people to segment their advertising and run multiple campaigns. This allows for the campaigns to be far more effective than those of the olden-days.

You can segment your campaigns by using key phrases. This means that you simply find a list of keywords that are at least two words that are similar and then place them in related groups. This allows you to create campaigns that are strings of words instead of just one. Key phrases means those two words are in bold in your advertisements instead of only one, increasing the likelihood of your advertisements receiving clicks.

Another technique in the implementation of pay-per-click programs is using longer keywords. Generally, most advertisers have been using highly competitive keywords or phrases, costing thousands of dollars to have the rights to. These tactics are no longer necessary, as research has concluded that 50% of searches that occur in search engines are completely unique. Thus, the more unique your keywords, the better you will do in attracting that traffic. The power behind this is that if you use longer and more developed lists, you will be able to generate more traffic than short lists with highly competitive keywords.

To set-up your PPC campaign, all you have to do is find a provider to get started. There are several providers, including Google AdWords, Yahoo Advertiser Network, and Overture. Google AdWords is the most popular because it generates the largest amount of traffic, but either of the three will generate results. The next step is to use the keyword tool in AdWords to generate your keywords. This tool is so great because it shows you how often certain keywords are searched and how competitive they are. The idea is to develop a large list that will allow you to use every similar word or permutation that is offered.

After you have your list, you then want to break it down into several groups. Use two to three keyword bases for each list, then add similar keywords on to those lists. Many experts will recommend having at least 40 of these groups to maximize your efforts. Now you can create campaigns for each of your keyword groups. In each campaign, you will want to optimize your advertisements to display a root keyword or key phrase. This will give you two words in bold instead of one so that they are more noticeable and will, ideally, attract more clicks.

Implementing pay-per-click programs to generate traffic to your site is a phenomenal way to increase revenue and put more money in your pocket. Now is your opportunity to implement this time-tested traffic generation technique and start running your website like the pros. Happy surfing.

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