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How to Create Your Own Free Blog

So what is a blog? You can think of it as a journal. Although many use them to post informational articles on whatever their topic is, you can use a free blog to post your daily activities or anything you want. Many allow you to post what is called a blogroll. This is a list of links to your favorite blogs or websites. There are many more great features you get and the best part is they are free.

When you create a website there are several things you must consider. You must register a domain and pay an annual fee. You must also pay for a host, which can be very costly for a good one. When it comes down to it starting a free blog just makes sense. Why pay all of that money for a website that you must create yourself.

So how do you create a free blog? That is an easy one; find a company like word press or blogger and register. It is that easy, they will walk you through the steps that you need to do in order to get it going. You do not need any prior knowledge of websites, hosting or anything else. Once it is set up all you have to do is post your thoughts in the pre-made template and then click the post button.

If you already own a normal website or you are considering it your site can benefit from your free blog as well. If the two are on the same topic you can use what is called RSS feeds to feed your posts onto your normal website. The benefit to this is that your site will have fresh original content every time you make a post.

Whatever your reason is to get one started it is important for you to know that you do not need any prior knowledge to do so and it is absolutely free. To find a good place to get started just do a search on any major SE and you should have no problem at all finding one. You may be better off going with one of the better known hosts but you may be able to find a good one that is just coming up.

If you get stuck along the way there are many websites available that will give you all of the advice you could ever need.

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