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How To Clean Up An Overgrown Yard

It is good exercise and make a home’s landscaping look well-kept and inviting. The easiest way to tackle an overgrown yard or spruce up one that has been neglected over the summer is to give it a thorough clean-up. Use powered maintenance equipment to make the job pas cher

Pick up any trash or small, hard objects, such as pine cones, from the yard. Put them in the trash can or compost pile. Move any furniture or vehicles out of the way. Send any children or pets inside for their own protection. Don safety glasses, long pants, a long-sleeved shirt, work gloves and steel-toed shoes. Wear a cap or ‘do-rag for extra head tn pas cher

The first item to be maintained should be the grass. Use a string trimmer to take down any weeds on the edge of the lawn or up against the house or other structures. This includes the mailbox, shed, garage and other stationary objects. Use a lawnmower to cut the grass. Return items to their rightful place as needed when finished. Use an edger to create a definitive line around the perimeter of the yard at sidewalks and driveways for a more finished and professional look.

Use a powered hedge trimmer to cut back any overgrown bushes. Take a preliminary survey of all hedges before starting to estimate which ones need the most attention and try to make the height and shape uniform when possible. Pull out from the roots any weeds that are growing underneath the bushes.

Use a chainsaw to remove any dangling tree branches. Cut back limbs that offer easy access for squirrels to rooftops. Any low branches that pose a threat to people walking into them in the yard should be removed. This wood can be used for a variety of household purposes, such as firewood or mulch.

Pick up any large debris from the yard as needed. Do not leave piles on the lawn or in plant beds. Use a leaf blower to clean up any excess grass or leaves as needed. Debris that is too heavy for the leaf blower can be picked up with gloved hands and put into bags for pickup or into a compost pile. Put away any tools and equipment used. Clean up any messes made and be sure the tools are wiped down to preserve them for future use.

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