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How Do Various Scents Influence Our Moods?

When discusing scents and fragrances, the communication may mean to any kind of applications. It might be the choices of the perfume we wear, moisturizers, body butters, or lotions we use, high quality soy candles we make, essential oils, potpourris, or a plethora of other fragrance options available.

It is certain, that different fragrances have an impact on peoples’ moods. Some fragrances may set off particular memories, depending on the memory, an individual may have a like or dislike of the scent, because of the memory. For example, perhaps grandma made an amazing apple pie with lots of fun memories surrounding that experience, chances are you may find the smell of apple pie, comfortable and loving. Some folks remember a lilac bush in a loved one’s garden. The scenarious are endless. Consider asking yourself what fragrances are linked with good memories, as they might be a good place to start, when wanting to scent your home or office.

Some types of scents are thought to have these specific influences on a person’s moods. These are listed below:

Romance scents: gardenia, cinnamon, jasmine, patchouli, rose, sandalwood, bamboo, freesia.

Scents that increase energy: lemon, bergamot, ginger, tangerine, eucalyptus, mint.

Calming properties: almond, heliotrope, marjoram, hyacinth, vanilla, lavender, frankincense & myrrh, cedar.

Refreshing effect: lime, orange, mint, tangerine, rosemary, eucalyptus, grapefruit, lemon.

When you are thinking about a scent application and you’d like an ambience of romance for instance, consider using either the elements listed about as either single notes, or combining two or more, for a more unique scent.

Another alternative way of laying fragrance is to use single note scents in different applications in different areas of a room. For instance, use a lemon scented reed diffuser jar on an end tab, apply a few drops of lavender essential oil on a lightbulb ring on a lamp, burn a vanilla scented candle across the room, and perhaps have a potpourri dish with a few drops of jasmine scented oil on top. When a person walks into the room, they will experience an amazing bouquet of a blend of this complex scent.

Florals and wood notes combine very well together. So does some of the natural herbal scents with various spices. Fruits and flower combinations are amazing too, many times, even people who don’t care for floral scents will like these. The fruit notes, tone down some of the strongest floral notes and soften them, to a beautiful fragrance. Try coming up with your own mixes, you may just find your own personalized ‘signature’ scent!

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