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How Do Affiliate Programs Work And How To Earn Money From Them

You have probably seen many websites showing affiliate banners or links. And yes, you are right if you think that you can earn good money by doing this. In this article you will find all necessary information how do affiliate programs work and what you need to do to earn money from them.

First of all, you need to find suitable affiliate program for your website. Try to find something what is related to your website. If you run an internet marketing weblog sign up for web hosting affiliate program rather than promoting supplements for cats.

When you sign up for the affiliate program you have chosen it is possible that you will need to wait for a while to be accepted. Some affiliate managers review partners websites after signing up, others don’t do that and allow to start the promotion immediately. However, it is usually only formal process. If your site doesn’t contain illegal or questionable content like gaming, adult materials etc. you should be accepted without problems.

When accepted you will need to log in to your affiliate account and find HTML code for the banner or text link. This code contains link in special format like domain.tld/script.php?id=your-username and URL of the banner image. Copy the HTML code and paste it to the place on your website where you want to display the affiliate offers. If somebody clicks the advertisement, a script will be called and because the link contains your username (or sometimes ID generated by the system) this visitor will be assigned to your account. If he buys something you will get the commission.

Sometimes people don’t buy immediately. They visit the product website and after some time they decide to buy. Don’t worry, these visitors earn you commission too. Affiliate programs send cookie to their computers after clicking your link. This cookie contains information which affiliate sent this visitor to the merchants website. And if the visitor buys some product the system automatically reads information from the cookie and assigns the commission to you. Some affiliate scripts also use so called IP tracking. In this case the IP address of the user who clicked the ad on your website is tracked and if he will come back later to purchase some product the customer will be will be assigned to your affiliate account and you will get the commission.

The last part of the affiliate marketing process is watching closely the conversions. Conversion ratio refers to the percentage of people who buy some product after clicking your affiliate link. For example, if you send 100 click to your affiliate partner and 3 people will buy something than the conversion ratio is 3%. Very often is more profitable to promote product or service offering lower commission which converts good than something with high commission rate with very low conversions. With this in mind watch the results and make necessary steps to drive most of your traffic to the most profitable affiliate program.

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