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How can telemarketing help a B2B marketplace?

A B2B marketplace is an electronic marketplace where many different buyers and sellers meet and the sellers offer products and services to the buyers through a hub or online portal. Conducting business through a web marketplace can imply low transaction costs, more favorable negotiations and productivity gains to both buyers and sellers.

Telemarketing can improve the effectiveness of sales and marketing programmers, providing opportunities to increase sales and customer contact; improve service levels; carry out fast, cost-effective research; and reduce overall marketing costs. Telemarketing involves a systematic approach to campaign support, where the telephone is used as a tool for improving the effectiveness of sales and marketing programmes. According to the Institute of Direct Marketing, telemarketing is twice as effective as direct mall, and the inclusion of a telephone number can increase response by up to 185%.

Taking orders by telephone improves speed and accuracy and is more convenient for customers than filling in and posting forms. The use of fax or interactive voice systems means that orders can be handled round the clock. Telemarketing offers opportunities for ‘direct’ sales to customers. This reduces administration costs and bypasses or supplements traditional distribution routes. Offering customers toll free phone numbers can increase response. The call information enables campaigns to be monitored and evaluated and provides information for planning future campaigns. It provides a fast and cost effective medium for carrying out market research interviews. It also provides a valuable channel for capturing database information from helplines, inquiries and telesales operations. Telephone marketing provides an opportunity to evaluate different marketing and promotional routes and to carry out rapid telephone research. Telemarketing can also enhance sales force performance and productivity. Courtesy calls add a personal touch to the sales process and increase customer contact. The telemarketing team can take responsibility for following up sales leads, setting up appointments and warm-calling qualified prospects. This frees the salesforce for increasing the number of face-to-face meetings and for concentrating on top prospects. Helplines make expertise available to customers allowing staff to handle minor technical problems and reduce customer downtime.

The B2B companies should always keep in mind that “If the public doesn’t believe the message conveyed by your product and its promotion, the marketing game is lost”.

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