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How Article Marketing Will Help Your MLM Home Business

There are plenty of ways to promote your MLM business, but article marketing has to be the best choice. A lot of individuals involved with multi-level marketing spend too much time trying to find clients on their own. This is why several people end up failing. When it comes to article marketing you have the opportunity to provide helpful information and build backlinks to your main site.

What are Backlinks?

If you’re not familiar with backlinks, they are simply links in other areas of the Internet that can redirect people to your website. Search engines like Google love backlinks, because they usually mean your website is more relevant with the information it provide.

There has always been a debate as to whether or not you should get as many backlinks as possible or only choose quality choices. We recommend looking into the latter, because 50 quality backlinks can provide better rankings than 1000 of them. In the end, it means less work for you and better conversion potential for your MLM business.

Where can you place Backlinks?

While article marketing allows you to get backlinks from various article directories like Ezine articles, GoArticles, or iSnare, there are plenty of other places to put them. One of the most well-known areas is through social bookmarking. You’ve probably heard of Digg, Technorati, or even Reddit, and they all provide backlinking power.

You can also utilize places like Squidoo and build lenses with backlinks to your website. If you have a favorite forum that revolves around the business then use the signature link area to your advantage. Don’t forget about places like Facebook and Twitter either, because your link could go viral with the right approach.

Again, taking the time to write articles or even blog posts is very time consuming. Building a multi-level marketing business can happen a lot faster if you utilize the right tools along the way. It’s also a never-ending process, so you need something that is more effective and convenient.

Enter OnlyWire

If you have a WordPress setup for your site (which we recommend), OnlyWire can provide you with traffic overnight. It’s a plugin offered by WordPress that syndicates your blog posts to over 20 social networking sites. Best of all, this is done simultaneously.

When you take this approach to your MLM business, it gives you an opportunity to build backlinks faster and increase your search engine index speed. Fresh and up to date content added in with the OnlyWire plugin can turn a starter business into one that looks like it has been online for years.

Saving Time

What it comes down to is, if you don’t use a tool like OnlyWire for your article marketing, there will be time constraints. You have to login to every site, submit the articles or posts yourself, which literally takes hours. Being able to have 20 backlinks created in a flash is a huge benefit.

Another thing to understand about the OnlyWire concept is its ability to utilize the top resource sites out there. You can rest assured that these posts are going to the best social sites so your MLM business will be able to prosper at a faster rate. It’s definitely something you should strongly consider adding to your repertoire of Internet marketing tools.

In closing, not only is Article Marketing effective, it is FREE. The only thing required on your part is a little bit of hard work, persistence and patience. Once you post an article, it is there for the viewing audience of the whole wide web to see and take advantage of. You are now in a position to get traffic and customers for years to come off one article.

If you would like to learn more about the difference methods of marketing your network marketing business online, including article marketing training, Click Here! Training is a must in the field of internet marketing, but you can generate massive MLM leads online if you make up your mind to just do it and keep working at it!