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Home to the seven deadly sins

Whether you are looking for a house or just entering the market for some time in your search, please keep in mind this is very important for buyers to make mistakes. You will be ahead of the curve, if you can learn from the mistakes, but homebuyers are making.

# 1: Not a home to live in the area

Buying a home is not an easy process, even more difficult when your dream location is not clearly mapped out before you start looking. Proximity to schools, Shopping and Attractions, transport and other important details may be an important detail, which is often ignored or removed, when the buyer find a house, which, perhaps, appeal to the eye or the wallet, but uncomfortable in the city

# 2. I do not get pre-qualified for a mortgage

Before looking for your home, take time to pre-qualified by a lender or mortgage broker of your choice. This can save you hours of time that you do not need to spend looking at homes outside your price range, or, worse yet, are suggesting that at home, then found out that you do not qualify for financing pre qualification provides knowledge of where the market is, peace of mind, narrows your search criteria, and, most importantly, your REALTOR ® to end the negotiations as being able to alleviate his concerns about seller financing is also very important, there should be bidding war.

# 3. Not shopping for mortgage terms.

Always remember that rates are negotiable. Occasionally we see lenders offer their best payment upfront. The banks sharpen their pencils to get your business, because of the potential customers for mortgage customers, but also the services they offer is the best interest of financially stable, good credit ratings to customers. The rate should be viewed as a starting point. You need to know what is the best level, and it is usually done by competitive bids. In addition, ask whether the bank to cover various costs associated with buying votes appraisal fees, penalties (if the existing mortgage) and the payment and the portability and so I spent researching can save you thousands of dollars on a mortgage. Many REALTORS ® have extensive networks of professionals who will help you get started.

# 4. Not to get a professional inspection

Be a good investment for the purchase, the buyer should do extensive planning and research. Many people consider their professional expertise to protect their investment. No one wants to buy a house only to find out later that there are defects, hidden or otherwise. Make sure you get help from a qualified professional home inspector, engineer, responsible for structural development, or similar. If the inspection identifies deficiencies, you may need to negotiate the purchase price to cover the repair or purchase of your landlord remedying pm

# 5: Do not use a professional real estate agent

Real estate agents are trained professionals. Many people undergo regular training on best practices and market trends, legislative requirements and are required to take courses in the annual re-liscensing. A REALTOR ® can not guarantee the price you pay a fair market value or better. With extensive lists of professionals in their fingers, real estate agents can provide expert advice on what to look for terms and conditions, as well as to include the negotiation strategy, and more. Finally, your REALTOR ® to work for you.

# 6: Buying before selling

In any market, if price is important to you, then you should always sell your current home before buying another. In this way, you know how much money you will receive your next purchase. Sell your home first allows you to put more conditions your purchase of your offer more attractive to the seller, or avoid frustration and hassles, should be placed in another proposal for you like: Sellers often will require more money to pick a theme, “suggested that, if it means that out of their home market. The other advantage is if you find a terrific house, chances are others, as well as find it attractive, and you stand to lose it, if you can not make an unconditional offer.

# 7: Not knowing the full cost of buying a home

Knowing all the costs associated with your purchase should be one of your many priorities. In Calgary, there are legal fees and expenses and property taxes estoppel certificate, name a few. If you buy a new home, take into account that GST will be added to the price. Potential homeowners are responsible for the Landscaping and fencing, window coverings and some devices.

That you have it, some helpful hints in mind the theme of a REALTOR to help you make the most of your purchase. Happy hunting!

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