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Get The Most From Each Employee, How To Write A Thorough Job Description Form

When seeking to hire an employee or employees, a detailed description about the requirements and qualifications of the candidate(s) is necessary for describing the job. It thus becomes necessary to have a job description form that has to be detailed, which would help the company in its recruitment process. In other words, the job description form will spell out in complete detail what the particular job involves in terms of the position as described by the company, the working conditions as well as job requirement checklist, all of which have to be completed. The job description form is not a contractual agreement and can be changed with changes in the job requirements.

Beginning with the position description, it should detail the job title, have a date, employment status, note whether the incumbent is temporary or permanently employed, the department in which he or she shall work and whether the job is part time or full time and whether the person will be working as an intern, trainee or apprentice. The position description should have the name and title of the supervisor as well as the number of hours that have been worked per week. The position description describes the currently organized work that a qualified employee will have to fulfill.

The working conditions as described in the job description form relate to the conditions prevailing at a particular time and include describing the working hours, working environment, and hours to be worked, travel, work space as well as all other working conditions that directly have an impact on the employee’s job.

The most important part of the job description form is the job requirements checklist as it is here that all the demands for a particular job will be stated and the checklist will chalk these out in detail. There is provision to assess the gravity of the job which can be classified according to the amount of time that is devoted to the job. Jobs that are classified as being minor will entail spending less than 20% of the time in this particular activity.

Moderate jobs are so classified when they entail spending between 20 and 60 percent of the time on those particular activities. Finally, major job activities are those jobs or activities that involve spending sixty percent or more of time on that particular activity. In case the job does not involve any of the above three classifications the job may have a “not applicable” remark against it.

In addition to the above mention job requirement checklist that classifies jobs according to their gravity, there is also mentioned here the physical conditions demanded of this particular job, the security conditions as well as the mental requirements of the job. The physical demands required in performing this job will state the strength reaching, communicating, hearing, stooping and other requirements that the job involves.

In addition, the physical conditions prevalent in the job such as the working area, temperature and atmospheric conditions, humidity or dampness and unavoidable hazards will all have to be filled out to complete this portion of the job description form.

The security conditions will state whether the employee will face any hazards or have to confront any dangers with respect to the job. In addition, the mental requirements of the candidate shall also be assessed through this job description form. Once all these parameters have been duly filled out, one can safely say that the job description form has fulfilled its primary objective of completed the job description profile.

That this form can be as exhaustive and detailed as the job may require means that there is no one set job description form but individual forms that suit particular instances and in order to get a cheap, useful and effective job description form, use may be made of pre-defined forms that are readily available in the market. Buying a job description form will greatly simplify and expedite the job hiring process and is highly recommended.

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