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Frequently Asked Questions About EGR Delete

If you are thinking of installing a Powerstroke EGR delete kit, you may find it helpful to review the following frequently asked questions and answers.

Question: I’m not a mechanic, but I know a bit about cars. How long will it take me to install a delete?
Answer: It can be tricky if you aren’t working with cars every day. It often takes inexperienced people up to four hours to install it. You might want to consult with a mechanic friend if possible for some pointers on how best to install it on your particular car or truck. Read over the directions carefully… this isn’t something you will figure out without it. If you do it wrong, the exhaust can leak into the cab of the car or truck.

Question: Will I have more power going up hills and revving up my engine after I’ve installed a delete?
Answer: You really won’t notice significant gains in power, since the EGR system automatically turns off anyway when you are idling or when your car is at 50 percent throttle.

Question: I’ve heard that some guys just come up with their own way of bypassing the exhaust gas recirculation, without purchasing a kit. Will this work as well?
Answer: If you don’t install parts that are designed specifically for this purpose, you are more likely to have leaks. Buying a kit is a lot safer.

Question: Will I still be able to change the spark plugs after I’ve deleted the EGR?
Answer: Yes, in fact it is easier to change the spark plugs once you’ve installed a kit. This is one of the benefits of an EGR Delete Kit.

Question: Do I have to remove the entire intake manifold system when I put in the delete kit?
Answer: It depends on what kind of kit you purchase. Some kits are a little cheaper, but you have to take out the whole intake manifold system, which takes several hours of your time. If you go for a kit that you can install without having to take out the intake manifold system, you’ll save a lot of time in the long run. If time isn’t really a factor in your decision, you should still get good results with a kit that requires intake system removal.

Question: Will my engine burn cleaner if I bypass the exhaust gas recirculation feature?
Answer: Although some claim your engine will burn cleaner after a delete is performed, there doesn’t seem to be any hard evidence for this. You may even have more white smoke coming from your exhaust, which can be a problem in some cities. Usually people do it for other reasons.

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