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Fluorescent Lighting For Commercial Use

For any business owner, you will need to light your workplace, but you do not want to have to pay the high costs of electric bills that can accompany the use of traditional incandescent light bulbs. One of the most cost effective method of saving energy is to use commercial fluorescent lighting.

Unlike incandescents, fluorescent lights use less energy, but they put out an equivalent amount of light. The electricity that they do use is not wasted in the production of heat as can be seen with other bulbs such as halogens or incandescents.

By keeping your place of business lit without generating excess heat, which can lead to higher cooling costs, the use of commercial fluorescent lights will help to keep your bottom line down.

There might be some misconceptions which could steer you away from choosing fluorescent lights. Among these are issues that were frequently seen in older generation lights.

Twenty to thirty years ago, having fluorescent lights meant having to deal with several problems. While commercial fluorescent lighting then was the most energy efficient of lights, it was still very poor in color rendering. In fact, women in the 1980s were instructed to wear more red tones in their makeup than usual if they worked under fluorescent lights all day since the yellowish coloring of the light would make them look washed out otherwise.

This coloring was due to the mixture of gases used in the bulbs. This formulation has been changed, so that now, even with commercial fluorescent lights, you can have bright, white light. Another problem with fluorescents of the past was their flickering.

This is due to the way that these lights illuminate. In order to turn on, a fluorescent light excites the electrons of the gases inside the tube. These then light up. The amount of power going into the lamp is controlled by a ballast.

In the past, the power would drop down to zero during operation causing a flicker and or produce that annoying hum. Modern bulbs have electronic high frequency ballasts which more evenly regulate the power, thus ridding the light of its flickering and humming.

When you are looking for commercial fluorescent lighting, you need lights that are quick and easy to install, as well as offer ready access for bulb and ballast changes and repairs. This is true of all lighting for commercial applications whether it is for indoor or outdoor use.

Keep in mind your seasonal conditions, as in if you are in an area prone to freezing temperatures, you might need another type of light for your outdoor illumination since fluorescent lights do not operate well in very cold conditions.

The type of fixture you choose will determine the ease of installation and access for future repairs. There are many commercial fluorescent lighting fixtures which do not require removal of the fixture itself in order to replace the bulbs or ballasts.

The ballasts for the lights are very important as well. Look for high frequency electronic ballasts if you wish to avoid humming and flickering which can lead to increased fatigue and eyestrain for those working under such conditions.

If you are ever unclear about what type of commercial fluorescent lights you need or how to install them, ask an expert’s advice. There are many sources where you can get the right amount of guidance to help you choose and install your project on your own.

You can also ask an illumination expert anything about indoor residential lighting or outdoor landscape lighting. Top notch manufactures are offering free illumination consulting services to potential clients to help a business make the right decision.

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