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flower shops in mississauga

From flowers to food, all and sundry has been primed for your wedding when the sun rises the next day. You gaze at your lovely wedding cake and are puzzled at the fact on when and how to chop this four-tiered munchy. You could only wish you vouched for a simpler design at your choice wedding store. Browse through these simple steps that will complete the magic for your special day.

When to Cut the Wedding Cake

Wedding cakes in Mississauga are filled with symbolistic expressions — the couple’s first slice represents fertility, the first meal as married individuals or a foundation of a blessed life together — or simply denotes the end part of the wedding reception.

Like your wedding invitations, wedding cakes in Mississauga should be timely served. It should be sliced before dessert is served on a luncheon or dinner reception, just right after the guests are welcomed on a tea or cocktail soiree. The groom will position his right hand over the brides’ and together you cut into the bottom layer of the cake with a ribboned silver knife. The couple traditionally share the cake as an emblem of their love and enthusiasm to share the household from then on.

The bride will initiate the first move to give her new in-laws a piece of cake, and after that the groom will return the favor to his in-laws as well. The rest of the cake is cut by a designated friend or family member and served to the visitors.

How to Slice Your Wedding Cake

If your choice wedding store does not offer much help, here are simple and easy steps to chop that forever-tiered special cake.

1) Round Tiered — This is the most common series of tiers, you do not need to walk-in and order wedding cakes in Mississauga to grab this usual design. You can see this in your fave wedding store. To cut this type, move in two inches from the edge, cut a circle and slice one-inch pieces inside the circle. Now you need to move in 2 inches and do the same thing. The core on each tier and the small top can be deliciously cut in halves.

2) Petal Shaped Tiered — This form is also prevalent among wedding cakes in Mississauga in your preferred wedding store. This is sliced just the same way as the round tiers type.

3) Oval Tiered — Just a little different from the round tier, oval shaped cake is also a common sight in wedding stores. You need to move in two inches from the outer edge and cut across. Slice one inch pieces of this design, move in another 2 inches and slice again until done.

4) Heart Shaped Tiered — Probably the sweetest shape among wedding cakes in Mississauga your wedding store can offer. You can divide the tiers vertically in halves or quarters. Within the rows, you can slice one inch pieces of cake.

On your special day, plan everything and ahead. Avoid hassles and stick to the basics. It may be as trifling as a piece of cake but learning the abc’s will surely do the trick.

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